December 30, 1849 letter to Hiram & Sally Crawford from Louisa & William Sherwood

December 30, 1849               

To: Hiram Crawford Sr. & Sally Crawford, Gulls Mills, MI

From: Louisa Sherwood & William Sherwood, Essex, MI

Louisa wants Hiram and family to move near them. Next part of letter is written to Sally. Writes that she is going to school for the first time since she left Canada. Wants to know if Sally is married or not. William Sherwood then writes the remainder of the letter. He was taken sick 3 years prior and unable to do anything since. Had to sell his farm as a consequence but has since bought another and the farm next to his is for sale. He also would like them to come and buy property near them. Mentions when they were neighbors in London (Canada).

Scan of 1849-12-30 Louisa Sherwood & William Sherwood to Hiram & Sally Crawford

Essex   Dec the 30th 1849

Respected friend

I take this opertunity to write a few lines to you, and let you know that we are all in the land of the living. We are here in Michigan. We are all well at present except for Father.[1] He has been sick going on four years. He was taken in the first with the Fever. He has not walked a half a mile since. We have had a great deal of sickness sense we have been here. Father, and Isaiah[2] is well suited with the country. They do not think that they could find any placle that suit any beter. We never have heard anything from you untill about 3 three weeks ago. Isaiah saw Emmons. He told him that you had moved to Michigan some where. Isaiah saw Shipman last week. He told him where you lived and I am determined to find out if there is such a thing. Ship will be here sometime next month. He says that you all have been sick. I am sorry to hear it. I can asure you we can sympthise with you. Father has writen to you when he first came here. Now Mr Crawford if you hav not bought you must come out here and buy. You use to say that you would be a neighbor to Sherwood again and now you must be as good as your word. You must write as soon as you get this. Direct your letter to Essex Clinton Co Michigan. So good by to you.

 Louisa Sherwood[3]

[to] HC

Friend Sally[4]

I must say to you that you have my love now as much as ever no one knows how I want to see you. You use to say tha when I would be a way from you that I would not think of you. Sally I think just as much of you as ever. There is many here that I think much of. My school teacher I think a great deal of. I am a going to school this winter for the first time sense we left Canada. Sally I wished you was hear to take school. You could have come any time and I would go to your school. I want to know if you are married or not.[5] As for myself I am not nor a going to be. Tell your Mother[6] that she has my love and all the family. Mother[7] and Isaiah sends there both resects to you all.

Sally you must prsuade Father to come hear and buy. If not you must come and make us a visit. I must bring this to a close. Father wants to write.

Please excuse my poor writting and correct all mistakes.

Yours with respects

Louisa Sherwood

[to] Sally Crawford

PS Marion[8] wants you to say to Prosper[9] that he wants him to come out hear and go to school with him.


My Dear Friends

I sit down to write a few lines to you it is but little I can write as Louisa has wrote all and but little I am able to write. I was taken sick 3 years ago last Sept and have been unable to do any thing since. I sold my Farm last spring for $700.00. I was obliged to sell in consequence of my sickness. I bought again in Greenbush Township 6 miles east in this County and there is 80 acres joining mine for sale at 20/ per acre trade pay I.E. for stock etc. It is on the main mail road oak openings excellent wheat & corn land. If you have not bought come & buy. I think this is the healthiest part of Michigan. I went to the Polls and voted last fall for that good old Soul Zachary Taylor. If you reccollect I told you when I was in London I was Whig and all over Whig. We shall look for Shipman in a few days and why not look for Mr Crawford & Lady, Robert[10] & Sally. Isaiah saw Shipman at the Capitol Lansing Shipman is about taking fifteen miles of Plank road to make. I dont believe he will live with Emmons much longer from what I can learn.

We live 17 miles east of Lyons on Maple River or 28 miles north of the Capitol by the way of Dewitt. I must now draw to a close by wishing you a happy New Year. Mrs Sherwood joins with me and the family in sending their respects to you and Mrs Crawford and Family. Your friend & well wisher.

W. Sherwood

[to] H. Crawford, Esq.

Direct to Essex Clinton Co Mich

[1] William Sherwood

[2] Isaiah Sherwood (age 22), William Sherwood’s eldest son

[3] Louisa Sherwood (age 20), William Sherwood’s eldest daughter

[4] Sarah Crawford, Hiram’s oldest child and only daughter. Early letters refer to her as Sally, as does her marriage certificate; however, in later years she is referred to as Sarah

[5] Sarah married Charles Luke Keith Jr. on November 14, 1849

[6] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[7] Hulda Sherwood (age 43)

[8] Marion Sherwood (age 7), William Sherwood’s youngest son

[9] Hiram’s youngest son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[10] Hiram’s son, Robert Crawford

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