July 31, 1850 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Sr.

July 31, 1850

To: Sarah Keith, Comstock, MI

From: Hiram Crawford, Dowagiac, MI

Nancy Crawford went to see her sister Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin. Got seasick coming home and then she and Hiram were very sick for several days. Pros was also sick. Edwin & Louisa are well. Wants Robert to write if Sally sees him – they want to know the boys’ situation.

Scan of 1850-07-31 Hiram Crawford to Sarah Keith

Dowagiac        July 31st 1850

Dear Sally[1]

We send our love to you & Luke[2] and let you know that we are alive though far from being well. Your Mother[3] has been to see Aunt Jane.[4] Found them all well, staid a week. Started home got sea sick crossing the Lake came home and was taken down the third day and was verry sick for several days but is now able to be up most of the time and I trust will ultimately recover her health. Your poor old dad too has had a touch of the Chill Feaver but has been free from it these two days, but I am weak and my hand trembles as you see. Pross[5] too comes in for a share as he is up and down with the ague[6] – yet I trust through the Goodness of God we shall all recover our health. At any rate it is wisdom in us to submit without murmuring to what ever affliction is laid on us.

I would have written to you before but did not wish to afflict you by letting you know how sick your Mother was.

It is quite sickly in this place Edwin[7] & Louisa[8] are well. I take the opportunity of sending this by our old Friend and neighbor W. Hurst (?) who is now here so the postage is saved. Tell Robert[9] to write if you see him. I want to know the situation of the boys at Yorkville.[10] I fear there is something wrong going on there. Oh I am tired, Dear Sally & Luke. We bid you goodby

Your Father & Mother


[1] Sarah (Crawford) Keith, Hiram and Nancy Crawford’s daughter. Early letters refer to her as Sally, as does her marriage certificate; however, in later years she is referred to as Sarah

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband, who was referred to as Luke

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[4] Nancy’s sister, Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin

[5] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Sarah’s brother, who was referred to as Pros

[6] A form of malaria characterized by stages of chills, fever, and sweating. Popularly, the disease was known as “fever and ague,” “chill fever,” and “the shakes”

[7] Edwin Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[8] Edwin Crawford’s first wife, Louisa (Hall) Crawford

[9] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[10] Yorkville was a small town north of Galesburg, Michigan on Gull Lake

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