September 10, 1850 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Sr.

September 10, 1850              

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Hiram Crawford, Dowagiac, MI

Pros is sick, Edwin well. Louisa had a boy 2 weeks ago last Thursday and got a bad breast infection. Edwin tried to get a girl to help out but couldn’t find anyone. Robert stopped to see them. It is very sickly throughout the whole region but very few deaths.

Dogwhack[1]     September 10th 1850

Dear Sally[2]

I embrace the opportunity of a wet forenoon to write you a few lines and let you know our present situation. To begin your Mother[3] is at present able to be about the house an your Father[4] likewise is able to be on the track. How long he will be so is quite uncertain. Pross[5] is well with the exception of having the Ague[6] now and then. Edwin’s[7] health is good at present but Louisa[8] is bad enough off. She had a boy[9] two weeks ago last Thursday and got a long the first week uncommon fast when she took a violent cold followed by fever and than ague in the breast. She has suffered a great deal of pain and is unable to sit up as yet, her breast has broke in three places and we are in hopes that she will get better now that her inflamation is gone down. Mother has been up and down two or three times since Louise been sick from overdoing. Edwin could not get a girl he hunted three or four days far and near but every house had some sick and he could get none so that Mother had to do more than she was able and Louise too in trying to help along brought her present misfortune on.

When are you coming out to see us? It is unnecessary to say how glad we would be to see you. We shall look for you utill you come. If any thing occurs that you cant come in this month write and let us know as we are anxious to hear from you if we cant have the satisfaction to see you. Robert[10] stoped here two days he was quite unwell but was anxious to go on. We are looking for a letter from him. It is verry sickly throughout this whole region of country but verry few deaths. I hope these lines will find you and Luke[11] and children[12] well. If you do not come out soon write as Mother is getting uneasy and says she must see the children soon.

Farewell — H Crawford

Dogwhack September 11 1850

[1] Dowagiac, Michigan

[2] Sarah (Crawford) Keith. Early letters refer to her as Sally, as does her marriage certificate; however, in later years she is referred to as Sarah

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[4] Hiram Crawford

[5] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Sarah’s brother, who went by the name of Pros

[6] A form of malaria characterized by stages of chills, fever, and sweating. Popularly, the disease was known as “fever and ague,” “chill fever,” and “the shakes”

[7] Edwin Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[8] Edwin’s wife, Louisa (Hall) Crawford

[9] Eugene L. Crawford

[10] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[11] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband, who went by the name of Luke

[12] Lois and Henry Keith, Luke’s children by his first wife, Minerva Payson


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