April 15, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from David (D. C.) Crawford

April 15, 1856

To: Luke Keith

From: David Crawford, LaPorte, IN

David is updating is brother-in-law on his brief trip to LaPorte, where two of his brothers, Edwin and Henry, as well as his Mother, are currently living. Edwin is thinking about quitting his job with the railroad and going west. His Mother is planning on going to Wisconsin to visit her son, James. Henry has a 5-month-old son that David is describing to Luke. David seems to be in some kind of venture with Luke that has had a couple of false starts. David would prefer that Luke not mention this if Edwin comes to visit. David is planning on returning to Chicago shortly.

Friend Luke    Laport I           April 15th/56

I presume that you have been looking for A letter from me before. I am at Laport to day at Edwin’s.[1] I have concluded not to go on the Lakes this summer but work at my trade in Chicago for the present. I have A good situation, but if it should happen to be sickly I might not stay. I came from Chicago to Laport last Friday and intend to return to morow if I dont haft stay with Mother.[2] Let me tell you why Edwin has been talking of quiting the road and letting Mary[3] go home and he go west to buy land or look for some other buisness. He talks now of quiting Tuesday. If he does he intends to go out to Dewagiac[4] with Mary and to Galesburgh to see you & Sarah[5] if he can. If he does Mother wants me to stay with her until he gets back. She intends to start for Jameses the last of this Month or the first of next. She had a letter from James the other day. They were all well at the date he wrote. He told her that the ice would be out the Lake so that she could come after the twentieth of the Month. Henry[6] sits here in the room where I am writing. He says tell you and Sarah they have got A boy[7] that weighs fifteen pounds. A nice fine boy. I think that he is pretty good looking all except it mouth if that was contracted in A little smaller space it would look all the better. His wife[8] has been sick but is recovering rather Consumptive. I think he is working in the car Factory this summer but say nothing.

Well Luke when are you going out West. It has been very dull out here so far this spring. I have been disipointed two or three times in my calculations but will make A go of it now. I think keep cool and I will straighten that matter with you and as soon as possible. If Ed comes out there dont tell him any thing about it nor what I wrote, if you please, for he will tell enough. He is A considerable of A hand to lengthen out on A story as you propably see if he comes out there. Write soon and address Chicago. Mother sends her love to all the folks, mine ditto.

Yours as ever

David Crawford Esq


[1] Edwin Crawford, David’s older brother

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[3] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, Edwin’s wife

[4] Dowagiac, Michigan

[5] Sarah (Crawford) Keith, Luke’s wife

[6] Henry Clay Crawford, David’s older brother

[7] John Henry Crawford, who was born on December 6, 1855

[8] Virginia (Worley) Crawford


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