August 18, 1856 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 18, 1856

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Luke Keith, Omro, WI

Got to Omro and gives an account of Sarah’s mother and various brothers. Gives a detailed description of the area. Hasn’t been feeling well and if he doesn’t feel better in a day or two, will think about coming home, but doesn’t want to travel while sick as people take advantage of travelers who are sick.

Omro Aug 18th 1856


I Landed in the city of Omro Saturday noon found the folks all well. Hiram & Pros[1] are here. David[2] has left. He has gone up the wolf river to Stevens point some 60 miles. I left Kalamazoo Monday night at one got to Laport next day at 10 found your mother[3] quite comfortable so she does some work. She talks of going to Galesburg. Eugene[4] is with her. They dont hear from Edwin.[5] She expected Edwin after gean[6] before this time. Pros feels as cute as _____. He has got a gun and was shooting black birds when I got there. He is well suited. They have a fine country here. Every thing right but water. There are no running streams here. They have good water by diging. Robert[7] has a large spring on his place where he gets his water some ten rods from the house. The boats come within fifteen rods of his door. There has one steam boat passen here this morning and three horse boats. Bob has got a good farm has got his barn done has got some 200 acres of land up in the woods. The soil is very black and rich. It looks like the bottom land on the river. I went round some six or eight miles Sunday and saw some as fine looking farmes as I ever saw in any country. On the road south from omro I could see five or six miles around and see large houses and barns. I should think it was as thick silted as Kalamazoo County. There is some sickness here the most they have ever known. They are troubled with a sort of summer complaint.[8] There has been one death only. I dont feel as well as when I left home. I have had the back door trot two or three days past which makes me feel rather weak. You must write soon as you get this. Perhaps I should get it before I leave here. I should like to hear how you and all the family are geting along. If I dont feel better than I have for a day or two back I shall think some of going home. I should not like to be sick out here on expence. They know how to put it on to people that are traveling, fifty cents a meal and poor at that counts up some. They hold inproved farms here from 20 to 25 pr acer but they are farms. This would be the place for Lasher.

Write soon as you get this.

[to] S. C. Keith

C. L. Keith


[1] Sarah’s brothers, Hiram Crawford Jr. and Lucius Prosper Crawford

[2] Sarah’s brother, David (D. C.) Crawford

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford

[4] Sarah’s nephew, Eugene Crawford, who would be six years old on August 22

[5] Sarah’s brother, Edwin Crawford; Edwin was Eugene’s father

[6] Believe this is short for Eugene

[7] Sarah’s brother, Robert Crawford

[8] Summer complaint usually refers to diarrhea, usually in infants, caused by spoiled milk

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