August 24, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from Sarah Keith

August 24, 1856

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Omro, WI

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Sarah is writing her husband, Luke, who is staying with her brother, Robert, in Omro, Wisconsin. She tells Luke that after he left his father fell in the barn, broke a bone in his leg and is having difficulty getting around. The children are well but they miss him. She would like him to bring the children gifts when he returns.

1856-08-24 1856-08-24B 1856-08-24env

Galesburg August 24th 1856

Luke[1] I received your letter yesterday to late to send one out by the mail. Your letter came to the Burg[2] Friday but I had not an oppertunity to send. I sent Henry[3] over Thursday to see if thare was a letter and it made him sick. I hope you are better. We all fell very anxious about you[4]. If you think of going farther dont leave Roberts[5] till you are well. I think if you dont feel very smart you had better come home. If you had some one to go with you I would not think so much about it. We are all as well as usuel. The next Thursday after you left your Father[6] fell down in the barn yard and hurt his leg very bad. One of the bones is broken below the knee. He could not get off of his bed for a week. He cant get around much now. The children have been well since you left. Ethan[7] says he thinks about Pa all the time, and Nancy[8] talks about you pretty much all the time. Nancy says I must tell Pa she wants to see him. For to or thre days after you left whenever we would ask Hannah[9] whare Pa was she would go to your Mothers[10] bedroom and we had to let her in before she would be satisfied.

Lasher had a 186 bushels of wheat. We expect to thrash this week. Cridlin has had two sisters a visiting him the past week. If you fetch Ethan and Nancy a present you must fetch Henry something too. Tell Hite[11] I want him to send me some present to remember him by. If you expect to stay long I want you to send me some postage stamps. We have had a letter from George.[12] He says Patty[13] is a coming the last of next month. Answer this as soon as you get it if you intend to stay.

My best wishes for your health and happiness.

Sarah C. Keith

[to] C. L. Keith

[1] The envelope is addressed to Charles L. Keith, Omro, Winnebago Co., Wis. Charles Luke Keith Jr. went by the name of Luke, as did his father, Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[2] Galesburg, Michigan

[3] Henry, age 13, Luke’s son by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[4] According to Luke’s 1856 diary, he was gone from home from August 11 through September 23. See following pages for a transcript of the entries during that time period

[5] Sarah’s brother, Robert Crawford

[6] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[7] Sarah and Luke’s son, age 5

[8] Sarah and Luke’s daughter, age 4

[9] Sarah and Luke’s daughter, age 11 months

[10] Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[11] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[12] George Tomlinson, son-in-law of Luke’s sister, Martha

[13] Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague, Luke’s sister

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