July 20, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from David (D. C.) Crawford

July 20, 1856

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: David (D. C.) Crawford, Omro, WI

David is writing his brother-in-law, Luke Keith, to inform him that he has left the shop for a short time to help the boys hay & harvest. He has also found that there is a great abundance of young ladies in the area and that some “speak pretty well for this western country.” He thinks Luke should sell his farm and move into the area, although real estate prices are quite high due in part to a great emigration west. He is also enclosing $15, which is the balance due Luke on some venture that they had previously been involved with. David has added to the balance to compensate Luke for “your trouble and inconvenience.”

Omro July 20th/56

Friend Luke

I presume that you have been looking for A letter from me. I have no excuses to offer only on the plea of neglinence or as the old proverb says that procrastination is the thief of time and I think it would take effect in this case. I have been very busy for the last two or three Weeks. I have left the Shop for a short time and am helping the Boys Hay & Harvest so you can immagine about how I feel when it comes night little like retiring to the land of nod. Sundays have to go to Church and in the evening of course go and see the Young Ladies. We have A great abundance here and some that speak pretty well for this western Country. And to cut the whole matter short I am muched pleased with the Country up here and also the young Ladies and enjoy myself finely and think that if you could dispose of your interest there profitably and come out this and buy A Farm that you would have better health and like it to although as near as I can determine by inquiry & that real estate is held in this vicinity very high. I presume that you could not buy A place to suit you for much less than you could there. There is A great deal of emigration to West at present which keeps property very high. You was speaking of the width of the River at this place. The River averages about twenty rods wide[1] and the capacity of the Steam Boats that Navigate it waters is about forty Horse power.

I have enclose you fifteen $15.00[2] which is the balance due I believe with A little renumeration which I hope will partially compensate you for your trouble and inconvenience for the present and at some future period I hope I may be able to render you the like favor. Please answer this soon.

And I remain yours as ever

David Crawford
To C. L. Keith Esq
Galesburgh, Michigan


[1] This is approximately 330 feet

[2] This is about $350 in 2017 dollars

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