June 1, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from David (D. C.) Crawford

June 1, 1856

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: David (D. C.) Crawford, Omro, WI

David is writing his brother-in-law to inform him that he has moved to Omro, Wisconsin. He has enclosed $20, which is a portion of what he owes Luke. He will send the balance when he receives word back from Luke that he has received this letter. David had the full amount with him when he was living in Chicago, but was thinking about moving and thought he might need the funds. He is staying with his brother, Robert, who owns a farm just outside of town. His brothers Hiram and Prosper are also there. He finds that the surrounding area is quite populated due to an “immense emigration.”

Omro June /56[1]

Friend Luke

Dear Sir

As you perceive I am located in Wisconsin in the said City of Omro in good health and fine spirits. I here enclose you twenty Dollars[2]. I will now give you my reasons for not sending the balance. I have written to you several times since I left and have not received any answer. Therefore I thought as there is no express office here I would send part of it now and the balance just as soon as you will let me know that you have received this. Luke I might have met this long before while I was in Chicago. I had it but I did not like the City life. I was doing well and should [have] stayed all summer but my health was not very good and it was comeing on sickly so I thought I would tramp and might want to use it so I started and came here to Omro. I have A good situation here and presume I shall stay here A year. This is A fine Country up here. I like it very much. Robert[3] owns A nice farm about A half A mile from town. Robert is in good circumstances and in A fair way to get rich he ain’t far from it at present. Hiram[4] is to work for him on the Farm, Prosper[5] is also. They are all well. Robert is got A fine Woman[6] for a frau. A I like her very much. I feel very much to home up here. I supposed before I came here that this was a regular wooden Country but I find there is about as many People up here as any where. This town contains about A thousand inhabitents. Oshkosh City 12 miles below on the River contains ___ thousand. Berlin 12 miles above on the River contains 24 thousand. Fond dulac City at the east end of Lake Winebago contains, about 30 miles from here, 8 or 9 thousand and numerous other little towns all around. There is an immense emigration up this way. There is three Steam Boats pass and repasses A few rods from the store every day. I will bring this to a close now and write more particulars next time. Robert & Famly and the Boys sends there love to all of you. Please answer this soon and I will respond immediately. Give my love to Sarah[7] and all enquiring friends and I remain as ever your sincere friend.

David Crawford to Luke Keith

PS Please Address Omro, Winebago County, Wisconsin. D. C.


[1] While the date was incomplete and hard to decipher, based on subsequent letters it is presumed to have been written around the first part of June 1856

[2] This is about $550 in 2017 dollars

[3] Robert Crawford, D. C.’s older brother

[4] Hiram Crawford, D. C.’s younger brother

[5] Lucius Prosper Crawford, D. C.’s youngest brother

[6] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Robert’s wife

[7] Sarah (Crawford) Keith, Luke’s wife and D. C.’s sister

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