1858 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford Betts

_________ 27, 1858

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Crawford Betts, Omro, WI

Mentions Robert, Prosper, Henry & Hiram. Received a letter from (your) Uncle Nathaniel Crawford’s daughter. David wrote to Robert. Hasn’t heard from Edwin and wonders if he is dead or alive. She wants to see Eugene. When she heard from James, Ann was very low.


27 Omro 1858

My Dear daughter Sarah

I received a line from you informing us your helths was not verry good. We hope by this time you and Luke[1] are enjoying good helth, and prosperity both in worldly, and spiritual things. We doo not mean Spiritualism as is practiced in this and other places, but such as the Spirit of God Communicates to the Christians in all Countries and in all ages of time. We have nothing verry special to write to you. We are as well as might be expected in our declining age. Roberts[2] family are all well, also Prospers[3] helth is good. I received a letter from Henry[4]. He said they were usually well when he wrote Hiram[5] was with him. I received a letter from your Uncle Nathaniel Crawford[6] Daughter[7] which I send you. Pleas returne it when you write to me. Robert had a line from David[8] a short time since he was well then. Write soon and let us know how your getting along. Tell the children that granma has not forgotin them and kiss them for me. I have not received a letter from Edwin[9] for a long time. What has become of him, is he dead or live. I want to hear from him. Say to him for he ought to write and let me know how their helths are. I want to see Eugene[10] verry much and all of them. The last I heard from James[11] Ann[12] was verry low. If you know any thing about them let me know when you write.

Give my love to all of my old friends in that place and tak a good shair to yourself. The Elder[13] sends his respets and good wishes to you and Luke. Hopeing you will come out and make us a long visit.

[to] Sarah C Keith

Nancy B Betts

[1] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[2] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[3] Nancy’s son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[4] Nancy’s son, Henry Crawford

[5] Nancy’s son, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[6] Nancy’s brother-in-law, brother of Hiram Crawford Sr.

[7] According to a letter written 9-27-1863 to Sarah from Hiram Jr., Nathaniel only had one child living at that time, Caroline B. Crawford

[8] Nancy’s son, David (D.C.) Crawford

[9] Nancy’s son, Edwin Crawford

[10] Edwin’s son, Eugene Crawford

[11] Nancy’s son, James Crawford

[12] James’ wife, Ann (Rogers) Crawford

[13] Nancy’s second husband, Platt Betts

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