January 30, 1857 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Crawford

January 30, 1857

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Crawford, Omro, WI

Nancy is keeping house alone with the little boys. Pros does the chores before school. Eugene goes to school with Pros. Louisa went with Robert to the woods to help with cooking. Nancy received a letter from Edwin saying he would like “the boys” to come out. He has 609 acres and will give them 50 or 70 apiece if they will chop him 20 apiece. Nancy has written to James and Henry but has not received a response. She received a letter from Hiram.

1857-01-30 1857-01-30B 1857-01-30C 1857-01-30D

Omro[1]  Jan the 30 1857

Dear Sarah

I have been slow a bout writing to you sence I received your last. I hope you will parden me for my negligence wich is not real negligence for I have not been well. I have been quite sick with a bad cold and have had a goodeal to see to. I am keeping hous alone withe the little boys[2]. Prosper[3] milks two cows and I churn twice or three times a weeke. He has the rest of his chores to ten to before he can git reddy for School. It keeps him verry bissy. Pros has got to bee a verry good studdy boy. Eugene[4] goes to School with Pros. Leousea[5] is gon with Robert[6] to the woods to help her Aunt Mrs. Couffer cook for the men and if we keep well I dont expect she will bee back hear till the first of April. I feal quite lonesum when the Children is gon and we havent no verry near neighbors alltho I had company one after noon this week. Two ladys came and spent the after noon with me. I am quite well a gane all tho my helth is not so good as it was before I was sick last summer. They have been verry kind to me. They have left me evry thing to make me comfortble and I injoy my self verry well. If you lived near hear so I could stept in and see you all I shold enjoy myself much better. They would like to have Luke[7] sell out and come and live hear. Rob thinks Luk would do better hear and injoy better health. I have gest received a letter from Edwin[8]. Thear are all well. He has writtin to the boys to com out thear. He has six hundred and nine acears of land. He sais he will let them have fifty or seventy a peace if they will chop him twenty apeace and he assist them abilding on thear place and will help them outher ways all he can. Thar is outhers standing reddy to take the job but he would rather the boys would have chance. He thinks they will be sorra in time if they dont take him up. I had a letter from Hiram[9] three weeks go. They whare all well and doing well. I wrote to them sence and told them to write to you. Edwin sais he has written to James[10] two monts go and has not received no answer and I to have written to James and have not got answer and I have written to Henry[11] and have not received an answer. I am glad to hear that Mrs Tubs has don so well. I think she would bee the wright one to sute them. Write as soon a you can write evry perticular. Tell the children that granma Pros and Eugene would like to see them and kiss them for me. My best love to you Sarah Luke and the children and Lous[12]. Prosper wish to bee rememberd to you all. He wants to see you Sarah verry much. He thinks in a year or two he will go and see you if you dont come out hear. Sarah I had the most of my Crockrey all broken to peaces. My stand was broke but my big rocking chair and large looking glass came safe. The big glass lamp the large platters the churn and I shant speake of any more.

This from your affectionate Mother to her Daughter

Nancy B Crawford [to] Sarah Keith

N B We have had a grate eal of verry cold wether. Bad colds is verry prevalent. We have had a good share ourselfs. The snow is three feet on a level and they say it is five in the woods. Pros haned your to me gest after I close mine. Yours and Eds both dated the 15. N B C

Edwins com night before last night.

[in margins on first page] N B I am glad to hear from you all and I hope you all will get the better of your colds soon. Before I sent my letter away Robert he said they whare all well. He sends his love to you all. N B C

[1] In 1852 Nancy moved first to Cassville and finally to Omro, Wisconsin, where her son Robert was living. According to the 1853 issue of the Wisconsin Gazetteer, Omro was “pleasantly situated on the south side of the Neenah River, 11 miles west from Oshkosh, and 75 miles northeast from Madison. It has a heavy body of lumber on the north, with a rich soil of openings and prairie on the south, and has excellent facilities by water for obtaining pine logs from the immense pinery of Wolf River, a great quantity of which is here manufactured into lumber. Population 600, with 100 dwellings, 5 stores, 2 hotels, 3 mills, and 4 religious denominations.”

[2] It appears she is living in Robert and Louisa’s home (while they are in the Pinery) with her son Prosper and grandson Eugene

[3] Nancy’s son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[4] Her grandson, Eugene Crawford, who was apparently living with Nancy at this time. Eugene was the son of Edwin Crawford and his first wife, Louisa Hall

[5] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Robert Crawford’s wife

[6] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[7] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[8] Nancy’s son, Edwin Crawford

[9] Nancy’s son, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[10] Nancy’s son, James Crawford

[11] Nancy’s son, Henry Crawford

[12] Sarah’s stepdaughter, Lois Keith, who was the daughter of Luke and his first wife, Minerva Payson

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