December 16, 1860 letter to Sarah Keith from Platt & Nancy Betts

December 16, 1860

To: Sarah Keith  

From: Platt & Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Enjoyed their visit with them. Wants them to sell and come out by them to live. Have been sick for four weeks and had to get Prosper to come and take care of them. Received a letter from Hiram who said in his letter that “Helen, my women, sends her love to you.” They didn’t know what he meant and want to know if Sarah knows anything about his being married. Have not seen Aunt Mary. She has moved to some other place in the city.

1860-12-16 1860-12-16B

Omro 16 Dec 1860

Dear Daughter Sarah

We received your letter after you arived home. Was verry glad to hear from you and your family but was sorry the ague continued. Hope you are well before this time. My helth is rather poore but I am gaining. I have ben quite sick for four weeks past. Was confined to the hous a part of that time not able to do the chores. We had to get Prosper[1] to come and take care of us. He is with us yet and going to school this winter. Mother[2] has ben quite unwell and verry lame with pain in her side and back. She sent and got two bottles of Dr. Robacks blood purifier which has helped her verry much. The pain is nearly removed from her side. She is more comfortable at present. The man I

[at this point one fourth of the letter has been cut out]

sold the five acres too

me my Note and

from all incumbrance

as far as we know, Pro

date, Maria’s helth

boy are good as usu

they left this place

left here last week wed

conclude we are here

I have nothing specia

prosperity of Religion

when you left. We are wishing you to sell and come out here and locate. It would be plesent for us at least to have you in Our Neighbourhood where we could see you often. We enjoyed the visit with you and Luke[3] Extreamly well all except your sickness. We was sorry you could not Enjoy your helth. Give our love to Eathen[4] & the girls[5]. We have had a letter from Hiram[6], he said he was well. Sent his likeness to us a true picture of him, and says Helen my women sends her love to you. We know not what he ment. If you know any thing about his being Married pleas let us know in you next letter. We have not ben to see Aunt Mary[7] yet but have heard from her. She has moved to some other place in the City. She was well the last we heard from her. Pleas write soon and let us know of your helths & where you are &c. We send our love & respects to Luke and all Enquiring friends

P Betts

(N) B Betts

[1] Sarah’s youngest brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith, Jr.

[4] Sarah’s son, Ethan Keith

[5] Sarah’s daughters, Nancy and Hannah Keith

[6] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[7] Nancy’s sister, Mary (Comfort) Wickersham


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