September 5, 1859 letter to Sarah Keith from Edwin Crawford

September 5, 1859

To: Sarah Keith

From: Edwin Crawford, Dowagiac, MI

Mary has been sick since February with the inflammation of the lungs and for the last five weeks has not been expected to live, although she has been somewhat better lately. Eugene and Edna have enjoyed good health all summer, but Edna now has the ague and fever.

1859-09-05 1859-09-05B

Dowagiac     Sept 5th 59

Dr Sister

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. Mary[1] was taken sick last Febuary with the information on her lungs. She has been sick ever sinse. For the last five weeks she hasent been expeted to live. She seams to be some better now so she sets up some. Eugene[2] and Edna[3] has enjoed good health all summer till now. Edna has the ague[4] and feaver. My health has been good and I hope it will be as long as Mary is sick. We have had as many as three hired women in the house to a time. It has cost us as high as a hundred and Fifty Dollars for Doctor Bill and hired help sinse Mary was taken down. Mary sends her love to you and said she would like to see you. I received a letter from Matilda about a week ago today. I will answer it. Give my respects to Mr Halls[5] folks. Mr. Keith[6] I send my best respects to you and your wife and be glad to have you come out and see us when you can make it conveinent and if you ever conclude to come drop a line as we live a mile from the village. I will meet you at the cars with the waggon.

from your Brother

E.W. Crawford

Sarah one more thought. I havent heard heard from Mother[7] nor any of th Boyes[8] sinse last spring. I have had so much sickness in my family and my Farm to tend to I havent felt like writing to any body.

[1] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, Edwin’s second wife

[2] Eugene Crawford, Edwin’s son by his first wife, Louisa Hall

[3] Edna Crawford, Edwin and Mary’s daughter

[4] A form of malaria characterized by stages of chills, fever, and sweating. Popularly, the disease was known as “fever and ague,” “chill fever,” and “the shakes”

[5] Presume he is referring to his first wife’s father

[6] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[7] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[8] Assume he means his brothers, Robert, Henry, D.C., Hiram and Prosper

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