January 1861 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

Winter January 1861 

 To: Sarah Keith

 From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

 Blog Date: 07-08-2015/Updated 02-04-2017

 Nancy refers to some disagreement that Sarah seems to be having with her in-laws. She feels bad that Sarah’s family had to move in with Luke’s parents without a fair understanding. Tells Sarah about the poor health of her husband, Platt Betts. Robert has been gone lumbering all winter. Nancy had a visit from her sister, Mary Wickersham.

1862-00-00 1862-00-00B

Dear Sarah[1]

I feal bad to hear that you have move over to the old folks[2] without a fair understanding. It seames verry singular to me that they will stand out and not willing to do the right thing. If I was in Lukes[3] place I would have them decide what they should do and that purty soon. Now Sarah I want you to take care of your helth as much as you can and remember you have ben sick all summer and fall and if you should over work your self and any outher diseas set in it mite take you of verry sudden. We have ben to home all winter. Elder[4] health has ben so poor and the snow has ben so deep that we could not git out to meating and no whare else. We thought if we could step into your hous and see you all how glad we would bee. Roberts[5] folks hasent ben here sence last fall. He has ben in the woods all winter. Your Aunt Mary[6] has been here and made us a verry plesent visit. She injoyes very good now. Write soon and tell me what Ed[7] said when you and Eugean[8] got back. My love to you both and the children. Tell them I wold lik to see them. Dont let this be seen. It is about dark so good night. This is from your mother.

[to] Sarah C Keith       [from] Nancy B Betts

N B Pros[9] send his love to you and yours and Louis and Henry[10] and the children and so do I

S.K. N.B.B.


[1] This letter would have been written between 2-16-1858, when Nancy first wrote about Platt Betts, and 12-29-1861, the date of his death Based on December entries in Luke’s 1860 diary about moving from Galesburg, and the December 26th mention of sending a letter to Omro, it would appear that this letter was written in January 1861 in response to that letter

[2] Perhaps her in-laws, Sarah’s in-laws, Charles Luke Keith Sr. and Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[3] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[4] Nancy’s husband, Platt Betts

[5] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[6] Mary (Comfort) Wickersham, Nancy’s sister

[7] Edwin Crawford, Nancy’s son

[8] Eugene Crawford, Edwin’s son

[9] Nancy’s son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[10] Lois and Henry were Charles Luke Keith Jr.’s children by his first wife, Minerva Payson


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