March 6, 1862 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

March 6, 1862

To: Sarah Keith 

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Has been sick with bronchitis, dyspepsia, and liver complaint since Platt’s death. Is anxious to hear from Sarah since she wrote telling her about his death. Prosper had to quit school to stay with her. She expects Louisa and the children in about two weeks to stay with her awhile. Elder willed her the farm and all the personal property for her lifetime and “after I am don with it the girls is to have five hundred dollars of it to be divided between them.” Robert was appointed administrator. Aunt Mary lives with her daughter in Oshkosh and her son-in-law enlisted in the war. Coufee(?) enlisted and Gen. William Willcox is captain of the company.

1862-03-06 1862-03-06B

March the 6 [1862][1]

Dear Sarah

Through the goodness of God I have strenth yet to write a few lines to you though quite weake. I have ben sick ever sence the Elder[2] Death with the Bronchitis Dyspepsia[3] and Liver complaint. I am taking Docter Janes medicines now but they dont help me as they did som years ago but I am sloly recoving. I have writting to you the perticulars of Elders Death but have not received no answer. O how I look for a answer from you. If I could ben whare you was or you hear so you cold take care of me how glad I would bee. O what a gloomy winter this has ben to me. Prosper[4] is with me he had to leave the school to stay withe me. I expect Loesia[5] and the children hear in bout tow weeks to stay with me a wile. Elder made a will and willd me the Farm my life time and likewise all the personal property and after I am don with it the girls[6] is to have five hundred dollares of it to be devied between them. He aponted Robert[7] Administrator. He has ben to the woods and has not don much about it yet. As soon as he come out he sais he will atend to it. Aunt Mary[8] is aliving with her Daugher[9] at Oshkosh. Her son in law[10] has enlisted in the war. Coufee has enlisted and gen William Willcox is Captain of the Company. No more at present. My love to yourself Luke[11] and the children. Write soon.

This is from your mother

[to] S C Keith

N B Betts

[1] As Platt Betts died in December 1861, this would appear to have been written in 1862

[2] Nancy’s second husband, Platt Betts

[3] Indigestion

[4] Nancy’s son, Prosper Crawford

[5] Nancy’s daughter-in-law, Louisa (McCann) Crawford (Robert Crawford’s wife)

[6] According to the February 16, 1858 letter, Elder Betts had a granddaughter named Maria Park and according to his Will the other granddaughter was named Harriet Glover

[7] Nancy’s son, Robert Crawford

[8] Nancy’s sister, Mary (Comfort) Wickersham

[9] Angeline (Wickersham) Lacey

[10] Alonzo Lacey

[11] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.


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