August 2, 1862 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

August 2, 1862 

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Nancy Betts, Dowagiac, MI

Was in Niles last week, presumably visiting Henry and his family, but they had all been sick. Mary has not received a letter from Edwin since he went away.

1862-08-02 1862-08-02B 1862-08-02env

Dowagiac        August the 2 1862

Dear Sarah

I thought of returning home this weeke. Last night I stade with Julia Hallus. This moring I am at Mrs. MacConnell. I am now scraching of a few lines to you. I was at Niles[1] last weeke returnd back last satturday. They had all ben sick but whear quite better when I rived thear. I was quite sick two days last weeke. That is one reson I did not stay longer. I supspose you have thought strang that I did not write but I thought it wasent worth wile. They are all well at Marys[2]. She has not received a letter from Edwin[3] since he went a way. She thinks he is sick. He left the next Sunday after I came. I am anxious to get home. It has been such hot wether and I have not ben very well apart of the time that I did not in Joy my self so well as I would if my health had ben better. If the Lord will I shell be home a Friday. I wont write any perticulars. When I see you I can tell you better. It is very could and plesent this morning. We had a smart shower yesterday and evry thing seames to rejoice over it. My love to you Lous[4] and the children. Tell Ethen[5] I would lik to have him meete me at the cars.

This is from your Mother

[to] S C Keith

N B Betts

N B exscuse my paper

[1] Nancy was visiting her son, Henry Crawford, who lived in Niles, Michigan, at the time

[2] Edwin’s second wife, Mary Hamilton

[3] Edwin Crawford, Nancy’s son

[4] Sarah’s stepdaughter, Lois Keith

[5] Sarah’s son, Ethan Keith


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