May 23, 1863 letter to Nancy Betts from Edwin Crawford

May 23, 1863

To: Nancy Betts

From: Edwin Crawford, East Burlington, IL

This is his birthday; he is either 37 or 38. His father, on his deathbed, told him if he had money to spare he should give it to his mother so he’s sending her $5.00. He has charge of the locomotive shops. He boards in Burlington, Iowa, across the Mississippi so letters should be directed there.

Scan of 1863-05-23 Edwin Crawford to Nancy Betts

East Burlington Illinois           May 23” 1863

Dr Mother

This is my birth Day and I suppose my age is 38 or 37 years. How fast time passes away. I am enjoying good health at present and hope you, in your Declineing years, are enjoying the same blessing. I wonderd how I should celibrate my birth Day and as I was thinking of the past I rememberd what my Father[1] said to us when on his Dying bed if you have a Dollar to spair remember your Mother. So I this Day will compy with his Dying request and send you five $5 Dollars of my wages.

I have charge of the Locomotive Shops at East Burlington Illinois, the termination of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy R Road[2]. On the oppisite side of the Mississippi River is Burlington Iowa a sitty of twelve thousand inhabitents. Their where I board. I pass over night & morning on the Ferry Boat. So Direct your letters to Burlington Iowa. I send my best respects to Sister Sarah[3] & Brother Keith[4].

My Love and good wishes to you Mother.

Henry W. Crawford


[1] Hiram Crawford Sr.

[2] Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company was founded in 1859 by John Murray Forbes, who combined several smaller Midwestern railroads. It grew until it extended from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains

[3] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[4] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

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