August 11, 1863 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

August 11, 1863

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

Was at Mary Hanys Campfield Station 18 miles from “your Unculs.” Was glad to hear Hiram survived the battle in Pennsylvania. Wants Sarah to write to David and Hiram. Is staying at Prowley Kilhorns. Says she is anxious to get home but can’t come until she gets her money. Brother Stephen is at “Alymer 12 miles from St. Tomes.” Can’t find where William Crawford and family are. Heard that John Oneal is dead; his wife may be in London.

1863-08-11 1863-08-11B 1863-08-11C

Beams Vill – August the 11 1863

Dear Sarah

I take my pen in hand to write afew lines to you. I received your letter last weeke a wensday. I was at Mary Hanys Campfild station eightteen miels from your Unculs. He brought it to me. I was glad to hear from you and yours and David[1] like wise and hear that Hiram[2] had survived that awful Battel in Pennsylvany.[3] O how glad I was to hear that he was yet alive. I have fellt verry anxous about him and to hear from him if he was alive. I som expected to git a letter from him. I wish that you wold write to to David and Hiram fore me and when I git home I will pay you for your trobbel and the postege stamps. My health is verry good at present. I feal verry anxous to git home agane and I want to hear from from the rest of the boys but I cant com till I can git my monny. They have promest to pay me about the 23 or the last of this month. I have injoide my self verry well the most of the time in visiting. I am now at Prowley Killhorns. I expect to stay hear this weeke and perhaps a part of the next. They expect to have a Ministrual Conferns Meeting hear next weeke. They have invited me to stop withe them. Brother Stephen[4] is at Alymer 12 miles from St Tomes.[5] I do wanto see him before I returne home if I can. I cant find out whare William Crawford[6] is and famly so I cant see them. I heard that John Oneal is dead and whare his wife is I cant find out. She may be in London[7] to. Any rate, I think of stoping at London if Providence permit on my return home. I went aviseting yesterday with Mr Killorn and wife and tow other ladys to Mr Samuel and Jacob Pritchens. We had a plesent viset. I think now that I wont git away from this place till the frist of next month. I wish you would write to Prosper[8] and inquire about his health. I have ben anxous to hear from him this som time. Write agane when you git any word from the boys. I will close by giving my respets to all inquireing frinds and my love to your self and famly. This is from your mother

N B Betts

[to] Sarah Keith

NB Give my love to Ethen and the girls. Kiss Sisse and Bub[9] for me. Tel them granma wants to see them all.

N B Betts

[1] David “D.C.” Crawford, Nancy’s son

[2] Hiram Crawford Jr, Nancy’s son

[3] The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 to 3

[4] Stephen Comfort, Nancy’s brother

[5] Alymer, 12 miles from St. Thomas

[6] The brother of Nancy’s first husband, Hiram Crawford Sr.

[7] London, Ontario, Canada, where Hiram and Nancy lived before moving to Michigan in the early 1840s

[8] Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[9] Ethan, Nancy, Hannah, Louese and James Keith, respectively; Nancy’s grandchildren (Sarah’s children)


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