July 4, 1863 letter to Sarah Keith from D.C. Crawford

July 4, 1863 

To: Sarah Keith 

From: David (D.C.) Crawford, Sterling City, CO

Mother went to Canada. He is proud of Hiram for serving his country. He says if he were needed he would go, but not until then. Wants to know how many children Sarah has.

Scan of 1863-07-04 D C Crawford to Sarah Keith

Sterling City    July 4th /63

Dear Sister

A recent mail brought me a long letter from one whom I have not seen for many a day. It brought to my mind vividly scenes that were evident and have passed into oblivion. This person above spoken of was no less than (Sister Sarah). I opin you was very happy to hear from you. Mother[1] has gone to Canada I presume. She will have a nice time amongst her old friends. I am glad she had an opportunity of going. To day is the glorious fourth. This is a small place about 3/4 Union 1/4 secession. Ive hoisted the Stars & Stripes and have celebrated in a limited way the Independence Day of our forefathers. Three cheers for the old flag, long my she wave on the land of the “free and the home of the brave.” Its the the sincere wish of your humble servant that this once happy Union but much diseased[?] country may again soon enjoy the quiet peace and happiness that it was wont to do in former days. I wrote to Hiram[2] twice in the last two months but have received no answer as yet. I shall try and write him a few lines this mail. Hiram is a good boy and I am proud that his is doing service for his country and home for hizself. I hope he may survive this wicked war and we all may again be permited to enjoy each other. Surely if the war should close soon I may pay you all a visit this fall. There is some talk of the (Draft) being enforced in the territory although this territory has furnished its quota long ago. I have always said that if I were needed I should go but not before. If the war is not closed soon many predict we will have war at home. God knows I hope not but if should I am with them. We have great many Rebels throughout the territory and if war should take place it will be ______ ______ from the fact. The mountains would be a great advantage to guerilla parties. As regards my photographs I do not think they are good ones but the time I had several taken and you can all have one and when I get better ones taken I will send them. How many children has (Lois)[3] got and also youself. I have lost all track of them. I wrote Mother some two weeks since but did not send it. Will send it this mail with Hiram likeness when he was young[4]. You can open the letter if you choose and then send it to Mother with ______tintype[?]. Please write soon.

From your brother

DC Crawford

[to] Sister Sarah

[1] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[2] Brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[3] Sarah’s husband’s daughter, Lois Keith, by his first wife

[4] The transcription of this sentence could be wrong; the “original” of this letter was a photocopy and D.C.’s handwriting can be extremely hard to read

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