September 27, 1863 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

Footnote #7 updated 02-11-2017

September 27, 1863

To: Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford, Beverly, NJ

War news. Has seen a good deal of New York and has found Uncle Nathaniel Crawford and a whole nest of cousins. Uncle Nathaniel’s health is not very good as he suffers from rheumatism. He has an appointment with the police department at a salary of $600 a year, lives at 67 Horatio Street. His wife is dead and he has one daughter living, Miss Caroline B. Crawford, otherwise known as Carrie. She has some cousins living in the City by the names of Bodine and Nelles [Weller?] and more relations living in Orange County. Aunt Catherine, father’s sister, is living in Orange County, New York. Hasn’t heard from Mother since she went to Canada.

Scan of 1863-09-27 Hiram Crawford to Sarah Keith

Beverly New Jersey

Sept 27/63

Dear Sister

It is a great deal the same with me here as it was in the Army continually knocking around from one place to another. It is not so with the whole regiment. Only four companies seems to be favored amongst which is mine.

When we first arrived in the City, the regiment was quartered on the Battery[1] and my company and three others were detailed to guard Armories up town[2]. One week from this date the Regt was ordered to Fort Schuyler and we were sent to Davids Island fifteen 15 miles up Long Island Sound[3], to guard about three thousand Rebel wounded prisoners of war captured at Gettysburg. We had a good time and were in hopes that we would be kept there during the rest of our service, but alas the folly of human calculations, especially military calculations. Just as we had gotten everything fixed up in good shape for living one stormy day last week we received a dispatch to be ready within one hour to take the Steamer and report to this place. Our business here looks a little strange. We are guarding a regiment of N. Jersey vols[4] at present organizing who come here and enlist, draw their $550 Bounty and leave for parts unknown. Since we came it has pretty much stopped.

I have had some good times since we arrived from the Army. Have seen a great deal of New York. And by the way have found Uncle Nathaniel[5] and a whole nest of cousins. Uncles health is not very good. He suffers a great deal with rheumatism. His hand is drawn out of shape considerable. He is as poor as the general run of Crawfords, has an appointment in the police department at a salary of $600 a year, lives at 67 Horatio Street, nice brick hous and well furnished. His wife[6] is dead and has one child living, Miss Caroline B. Crawford, or as she styles herself Carrie. Who by the way is a very fine young lady, not particularly handsome but good, is neat and tidy and seems to be very much a Lady. I like her very much. She has several cousins, second cousins of mine living in the City by the name of Bodine & Nelles/Weller(?). Very fine young ladies all of them. Shouldn’t wonder if I married into the family. Carrie has told me of more relations living in Orange County then I could put down on two sheets of foolscap. Aunt Catherine[7] (Father’s sister) is alive and lives in Orange County. If we stop over here this winter I will go and see her and if I come home this winter I will bring Miss Carrie along. I spoke to her about it and she expressed herself very much pleased with the idea. Let me know where Mother[8] is. I have not heard a word from her since she went to Canada. My love to Luke[9] and the Children not forgetting yourself. Write soon and believe me to be ever your brother,


Enclosed please find photograph

[1] Battery Park on lower Manhattan

[2] The four companies were quartered at Grammercy Park

[3] Off the coast of Pelham, New York

[4] Volunteers

[5] The younger brother of Hiram Crawford Sr. (Hiram’s father)

[6] Ethalinda (Bodine) Crawford

[7] His aunt, Catherine Crawford (4-23-1797 – 03-12-1868), was married to Johannes Miller Dickerson and lived in Orange County, New York

[8] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[9] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.

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