April 21, 1864 letter to Luke Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

April 21, 1864 

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr.

From: Hiram Crawford, Brandy Station, VA

Arrived from recruiting station on February 18. Has written to Mother, Sarah, Jennie, Henry, Robert, David and Prosper and seems irritated that he hasn’t received any response from any of them. Sent $168; wants Luke to put $150 of it in a drawer someplace until he needs it. There has been lots of rain. When it is not raining the time is passed in reviews, inspections, and drills.

(Can’t make out where he is stationed. Looks like Head Less Detached 20th, Brandy Station, VA)

April 21st 1864

Dear Luke

I arrived home from recruiting service[1] February 18, since which time I have written to Mother[2], Sarah[3], Jennie[4], Henry[5], Robert[6], David[7] and Prosper[8] and have yet to receive the first letter from any of them. I wish you would drop me a few lines merely to let me know whether any of the above named persons yet inhabit this planet. If they do I would like to know why my communications are not recognized.

Enclosed please find one hundred and sixty eight dollars (168) fifteen of which give or send to Mother wherever she may be. Three dollars use yourself for express charges (I cant pay it here) and the odd one hundred and fifty (150) put away in some drawer until I call for it.

The weather has been very wet for the past three weeks. No signs of moving for some time but when we do look out for hot work. Grant has organized this Army and knocked the old organization into pieces. Our old 3d corp is broken up and we are transferred to the 2d corp. We now read 1st Brigade 3d Division 2d corp AP.[9] Between rainy days our time is principally passed in reviews inspection and drills. Some may see a great deal of sport in it but I cant. Our Regmt time is up and we are expecting them home everyday. Love to Mother Sarah and the children. Write and oblige.


H. Crawford

Lieut. H. Crawford

20 Ind. Vols

Army Potomac

[1] Around October 15, Hiram and 7 other officers were dispatched to Indiana to recruit fresh volunteers. Source: “Harvestfields of Death – The Twentieth Indiana Volunteers of Gettysburg”, Craig L. Dunn

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Sister, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[4] His sister-in-law, Virginia (Worley) Crawford, wife of brother Henry

[5] Brother, Henry Crawford

[6] Brother, Robert Crawford

[7] Brother, David (D.C.) Crawford

[8] Brother, Prosper Crawford

[9] Army of the Potomac


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