September 21, 1864 letter to Luke Keith from Sarah Keith

September 21, 1864

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Omro, WI

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Sarah is updating her husband, Luke, on the affairs of the farm while he is traveling in Wisconsin selling bed bottoms. Sarah visited Luke’s father to see how he was doing. “Father is a striping off the leaves and feeding them to the cattle. He said Ethan might have all he could pick.” Sarah’s Mother is looking for a letter from brother Robert, whom she is hoping will send her $20 dollars.

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Galesburg, Sep 21st 1864


It is Wednesdy morning. I have lots of work to do, tolow(?) a trying out doors and in the house to, besides all the rest of the chores to do. I find it makes quite a difference you not being here to do and look after things. Ethen[2] went to Mr Flanders last night. Is a going with Henry[3] to the State fare to day. I think some of going tomorrow with Byron[4]. We can get prety fair apples in the market for fifty cents. Jo thinks good winter apples can be got for twelve or fourteen shillings per bushel. Marsh hay is worth ten dollars per ton an the marsh Timothy 20 per ton. We had two bushels of early potatoes. The rains we have had with three weeks are a doing potatoes a greate deal of good. Some of ones have grown half. If the frost keeps off we will have a midling good crop. I was to your Fathers[5] yesterdy. He says his is a going well. The sorgum looks first rate. Father is a striping off the leaves and feeding them to the cattle. He said Ethen might have all he could pick. I shall try and have him go day after to morrow. It will so good to feed the cow night and mornings. I went up to Milfords yesterdy to see about some wood. He is a going to draw some Saturdy or Monday. Wesley and Dwight are home on a furlou. Dwight has got the bloddy dyentery. Is very bad. Will not be able to go back Saturday to Jackson. Byron thinks there is fifteen bushels of corn. James Waldern, is a mooveing a crossed the road in Mrs Smith,s house. I saw Maury the other day. He inquired about you, how you was a geting. Every one seemes to be anxious to know how you are a makeing it go with your bed bottoms. I hardly know what to tell. I make it as fair as I can. I wish you might do well. Maury says he has full as well as he expected what time he was gone he came home sick. He says when he goes out a gan he intends to stay in one place and get them introduced there. He thinks he could more territory by so doing. Roberts[6] folks had ought to have had a boy this time. Mothe[7] is a looking for a lette from Robert. She is in need of some money. She would like twenty dollars. When do you think you will be home? Lois[8] expects every day will be the next. We are all as well as usual. Hope you will keep well.

Yours truly

S C Keith 

[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[2] Ethan Keith, Luke and Sarah’s son

[3] Henry Keith, Luke’s son by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[4] Byron Clark, the husband of Luke’s daughter, Lois

[5] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[6] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[7] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[8] Lois (Keith) Clark, Luke’s daughter by his first wife, Minerva Payson


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