September 23, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

September 23, 1864 

To: Sarah Keith  

From: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Omro, WI

Luke will probably leave Omro some time next week for the south part of the state. Would like to hear from Sarah before he leaves so that in case something should happen that requires him home, he will leave immediately. Luke has a few more bed bottoms he would like to sell before returning home. Robert thinks of going to Minnesota this fall. If he does he will go in a few weeks. Doesn’t know whether Robert plans to pay his mother this fall or not. If Luke goes over there they may say something about it but he will not unless they do. Wants to know what sent Pros back to Dowagiac.

1864-09-23 1864-09-23B 1864-09-23C 1864-09-23D

Omro Friday Sept 23” 1864


I received yours of 21st this morning. Was very glad to hear from you. I would like to been home yesterday first rate. I have not been well for a week past. Did not set up much. Am feeling some better to day. Calculated to went to Berlin yesterday. Had to give it up. Shall go monday if I feel well. I guess I shall go over to Rices this afternoon if it dont rain. If I keep well I shall probably leave Omro some time next week for the south part of the state. Dont know where I shall stop yet. I will let you know if I stop long enough to get a letter from you. Perhaps if you write as soon as you get this it would get here before I leave. I shall stay in Berlin two or three days. It will depend something on my sucsess there. I should like to hear from you before I leave here so if any thing should happen that you should want me to come home I could come right from here. I have a few more bottoms[1] I should like to dispose of before I go home. I should like to go home as well as you would like to have me I guess. This has been a long summer to me. I have seen lots of sundays & long ones at that. If I could been well all the while I should got a long better. I was feeling first rate when I left the bay. I took a hard cold about a week a go. Have not been well since. Got a boil on the side of my nose. I think that effects my head some. I know it does one eye. I cant see near as well out of my right eye as I could before. It has broke and I think it will be better now.

I have not written to Mr Blackburn yet. I have been dodging round so much lately. I think if I could get home a while I should feel better. It is hard times to travel it costs you cant ask a question short of five or ten cents. Crops came in so light here and the farmers have so much bounty money to raise. The most of them think they must try and get along with their old beds. They all like them. Say if it was better times they would have one or two any way I find once and a while one that dont say any thing about the times but take one some times two. I saw a man on the cars that lives in Wolworth County. Said he thought they would go first rate down there. Thinks I could sell some territory. Says they are in for speculation down there. Dont know as I shall go there this time.

Do you hear or see any thing of Brad? I dont. Has Phil Cory got back yet? There is considerable sickness here this fall among children dipthera and dysentary some grown people. I think Omro is rather a sickly place any way. Robert[2] thinks of going to Minnesota this fall. If he does he will go in a few weeks. He has not seen Rice lately. Dont know whether he calculates to pay his mother[3] this fall or not. If I go over there they may say something about it. I should not of course unless they did. Mariah told me in the summer they should pay her up this fall. What sent Pros[4] back to Dowagiac? I dont know now how soon I shall go home before long if I can get shut of my bottoms. I dont want to carry them back home again. How my head aches.

Love to all, your self and children.

From your old gray headed man

C.L. Keith

[1] Luke sold bed bottoms, which were a form of rubberized bedsprings

[2] Robert Crawford, Sarah’s brother

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[4] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Sarah’s brother


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