August 18, 1866 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

August 18, 1866

To: Sarah Keith 

From: Hiram Crawford, Chicago, IL

Had a visit from Robert and letter from David. Robert and Hiram paid Aunt Jane a visit and remained all evening. He was sorry that he didn’t have the time or means to visit Sarah or Henry. Robert wants Sarah to know that mother’s things have arived.

1866-08-18 1866-08-18B

Chicago           Aug 18st 1866

Dear Sister

I have just been the recipient of a nice little visit from brother Robert[1]. He arrived in town Wednesday and went back yesterday. I went up to Aunt Janes[2] with him and we both staid all night. He was very sorry that he couldn’t make you and Henry[3] a visit but he neither had the time or means. He came here on business and as soon as he got it done went back. He does not seem much older than when I saw him last and is stout and rugged. He wished me to write you that mothers[4] things came all right and that him and Pros[5] is settled and doing fine. Aunt Jane is in good health this summer better than she has been for years. Augusta has been up there visiting for three weeks. She came home with me this morning. I received a letter from David[6] last week. He was well and all right. This is all the Paper I have got and no Book store within a half mile. Let me hear how you are.

Your brother


[1] Brother, Robert Crawford

[2] Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin

[3] Brother, Henry Crawford

[4] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[5] Brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[6] Brother, David (D.C.) Crawford


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