August 20, 1866 letter to Luke and Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

August 20, 1866  

To: Luke & Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Nancy Betts, Oshkosh, WI

Has arrived at their new home (apparently living with Prosper). Tells of purchases made and of not receiving some of her goods. Says Aunt Jane looks quite young and dresses young.

1866-08-20 1866-08-20B 1866-08-20env

Oshkosh August the 20 1866

Dear Luke and Sarah

I have arived to my place of Destination and now we are living in our new home. We have two rooms, one is a bed room. The gratest troble is now evything is so high but Prosper[1] thinks we will get along. I wish you both could step in and see how plesently we are situated. We tride to find a second handed stove. It was not to be found so we bought a new stove. It cost thirty dollors. I bought two bedsteds, one fallleaf tabel, one squar tabel, half a set wooden bottom chairs, one rocken chair like the one I had. It com to twenty five dollors. O Sarah how disapointed I was when I found in looking over my things that my hood had not com. I would not card any thing about it if I had the means to bye another. All of my things come safe but the large glass dish but I think I can mend it. Prosper talks of going to Dowagiac this fall or the first of winter for his things. Will take a _______ you. If he goes he will bring it. If he dont go then you can have it. I thank you both for the troble you had in packing my things and sending them to me. I thank Mrs Birdac(?) and her family for she did not charge me any thing. Tell Lousia[2] that I am much oblige to her but she had not ought to send the monny for I richly ode them for ther troble and more then that. You wanted to know how Aunt Jane[3] looks. Very natuaral. She looks quite young for her and dresses young. You know she all ways very dressy. I dont know as you can read this for I have ben baking and nothing to burn but pine wood and that is slabs and sclantling ana they quite damp. I have worked hard all day to keep fire and keep the stove hot enough to bake. Pros sais he will bye som hard wood to burn with it. Tell Ethen[4] and the girls[5] to write to me. I would be glad to received aletter from. We live most two miles from the Babest Church nearer Allgomo. Luke you know whare Lawyer lives on Oshkosh side of the brige in a cornner lot fine hous and door yard turn rite round to the north about a quarter of a mile on Allgomo Street on Main Street. Tell Jim[6] and Sis[7] I wonto see them.

(Written in the upper left hand corner of the first page) My furniture is the same that I had thear.

[1] Nancy’s youngest son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[2] Believe she is referring to her daughter-in-law, Louisa (McCann) Crawford, the wife of Robert Crawford

[3] Nancy’s sister, Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin

[4] Sarah and Luke’s son, Ethan Keith

[5] Sarah and Luke’s daughters, Nancy Keith and Hannah Keith

[6] Sarah and Luke’s son, James Keith

[7] Sarah and Luke’s daughter, Louese Keith


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