June 25, 1866 letter to Nancy Betts from D.C. Crawford

June 25, 1866

To: Nancy Betts, Galesburg, MI

From: David (D.C.) Crawford, Golden, CO

Sent money. Hasn’t heard from anyone recently. Enclosed Eugene Crawford’s handwritten calling card noting Leadville, CO.

1866-06-25 1866-06-25B 1866-06-25card 1866-06-25env

Gowen City[1] June 25th/66

Dear Mother

Last eveing sent you per letter $50.00. Did not send it in care of Post Master I wrote you I would.

But sent it direct to you.

Please let me hear from you on receipt of this that I may know you Received this.

I am very busy this Morning and Shall be brief. Am very well. The weather is warm and dry. Everything is suffering from drouth.

Have not heard from Hiram[2] for a long time. Where is he? Also Prosper[3] in fact not from any of them. I wrote Hiram and I think all of them last. Will you go to Wisconsin? Please write me often. Its a great pleasure to hear from you and will send you more money as soon as I learn of you getting settled. _____ you soon with much love hoping your health is good. I will close briefly.

D C Crawford

To His Mother

Enclosed Eugene Crawford’s handwritten calling card:

E.L. Crawford

Leadville, Colo.

[1] From the handwriting it appears to be Gowen City, but most probably is Golden City

[2] Brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[3] Brother, Lucius Prosper Crawford


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