May 20, 1866 letter to Sarah Keith from Prosper Crawford

May 20, 1866 

To: Sarah Keith 

From: Lucius Prosper Crawford, Oshkosh, WI

Is upset with David and can’t understand his unwillingness to help Mother. Wants to promise to help her but his health is not good and he has only worked a month and has no money. Had another fire in Oshkosh — one-third of the business part of town burned. There was $100,000 in damages.

1866-05-20 1866-05-20B 1866-05-20C 1866-05-20D

Oshkosh May 20th 1866

Dear Sister

Your letter was duly received last evening and was very happy to hear from you and family. You seem to have misunderstood my meaning in Mothers[1] letter in some respects namely that you had left Mother alone. Hirom[2] wrote that you had moved over the river and that a family of strangers had moved in the place you vacated. It maters not. I presume you done the best you could under the circumstances and believe that Mother thought so theirfore do not for a moment think that I wished to make aney charge of accusation against you for I know to well your goodness of heart and your willingness to do for your mother and what you would do were you differently circumstanced. But I do feel offended with Davids[3] conduct if as I have understood has refused to assist mother at present. He certainly must have means if his stories are true and for him to act this indifferent to mother circumstances is unaccountable to me. She must have a home and her children whome she has cared for in infancy and who are grown all of them to maturity ought to to be able and willing to furnish her with a pleasant and comfortable home during the remainder of her life and ought not to feel it a “burden” either for we are under obligations. I feel it shamefull to offer aney such reasons for the respect for our mother ought to be the only prompter. I will do all I can for her and hope I may never feel a disposition to recant but I shall not promis how much that will be for my health is feeble and as I have been to work but a month my purse low however with health I will earn something by fall. If mother accepts my offer (and she seems inclined) I would advise (if you an she think best) to not dispose of all &c. You are best Judges for it will come very convenient should we keep house. We have had another very heavy fire lately here in Oshkosh burning one third of the buisiness part of the city inflicting a loos of nearly $100,000 one Hundred thousand Dollars covered mostly by insurance. The caus of the fire is believed to originate through carelessness. I have not seen Roberts[4] folks in a month. Were well then. Henry[5] thinks I ought to write to him does he? Well I think he is about right but have neglected it so long am ashamed to. I have not writen over 1/2 Doz letters in a year but I will write him one that will make him think that I remember him yet.

Your Brother


Give my respects to Luke.[6]

[1] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[2] Brother, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[3] Brother, David (D. C.) Crawford

[4] Brother, Robert Crawford

[5] Brother, Henry Crawford

[6] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.


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