October 13, 1866 letter to Nancy Keith from Nancy Betts

October 13, 1866 

To: Nancy Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Oshkosh, WI

She has received letters from Aunt Jane Sunderlin, David and Henry. Louisa has returned from Minnesota where she was visiting her family. Prosper is working at the stove factory, but work might not be available after a couple of weeks. If this happens, they may have to move.

1866-10-13 1866-10-13B 1866-10-13C 1866-10-13D

Oshkosh October the 13 1866

Dear grand daughter

It gave me pleasure to received a letter from you. It came to hand a satterday eveing and the same time one from David[1] and one from Aunt Jane Sunderlan.[2] She was well and so was David. He sais he is not a coming home this fall becaus he cant get his bissness in that shape so he cant leave. I got a letter the same time from Henry[3]. He said Jenny[4] and the boys[5] was well. This is the first time he ever wrote that she was well but he has ben a flicked with a felon[6] on his hand and a number of boils and the two youngest children has had them this weeke. I received a letter from Hiram[7] and one from Mrs Marshal. He was well and so she and her family was well. Your Aunt Lousia[8] has got back from Minnesota. She left her folks all well but Joseph[9]. She thinks he wont live. He bleeds at the lungs very bad. Robert[10] and famly is well. Your Mother[11] said in her letter that she would like to know wether Prosper[12] was a coming out thear or not. I cant answer her question jist now nor he don’t know, but I want to have him go out and take a littel tramp. I think he will feal better. He dont know as he can get work at the stove factory only afew weekes longer and he thinks of going in the woods with Robert[13]. He wants him if he dont work here. We both of us feal bad becaus we have to brake up hous keeping. We have to go out of this hous and he cant get another with out paying a grate price but if he cant get worke then it is settled. In the spring, he can have his place a gane. Tell your Mother if she can rais four dollars and send me, she may have my hood, but if she cant she need not send it now. It may bee that Prosper may go out thare if we do leave hear. I think of going out to Sister Janes[14] and stay with her a wile. I feal sorry for Jenny Jenkens a losing her babe and the grandma to for they thought so much of it and likewise for Mrs Wats. She must feal bad to have Mary go a way so far. Lousia Burdock dont get married yet to Mr Blake. Is her mother health better then it has benn? Tell Eathen and Hannah[15] they must write to me and you to when you can. If we do have to brake up houskeeping, Mrs Woods sais I may put my things in her chamber. I told her I would pay her for the storeage of them. They are calld nice folks and they pear as such. They have no small children. They live the same distance that the station is from you place in the burg. Did Eugean[16] say any thing a bought me to you or Ethen. I could not get a chance to talk with him and he was so shy of me that I could not have a chance. Jimme[17] said in his Mothers letter that I must kiss him so you must kiss him for me and sis[18] to. My love to you all from your gramma.

N B Betts

[to] N C Keith

NB Tell your Mother to write me soon. If she can get the monny, I would lik to have her send it and if she cant I want her to write soon. N B Betts

I cant think what Mrs Wiseman given name is. I wish your Mother will tell me in her letter.

N B Betts

[written in pencil and upside down on the top of the first page, in a different handwriting:]

“Ethan B. Keith

Galesburg June 9th 1874


[1] Her son, David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford

[2] Her sister, Jane (Comfort) Nelles Sunderlin

[3] Her son, Henry Crawford

[4] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

[5] John H. and Robert Clement (Clem) Crawford, Henry’s two eldest children

[6] A painful infection at the end of a finger or toe, near the nail

[7] Her son, Hiram Crawford Jr.

[8] Robert Crawford’s wife, Louisa (McCann) Crawford

[9] Louisa’s brother, Joseph McCann

[10] Her son, Robert Crawford

[11] Her daughter, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[12] Her youngest son, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[13] Robert worked for lumber companies in the woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota

[14] Jane Sunderlin (see note 2 above)

[15] Her grandchildren, Ethan and Hannah Keith (Sarah’s children)

[16] Her grandson, Eugene Crawford (Edwin’s son)

[17] Her grandson, James Keith (Sarah’s son)

[18] Her granddaughter, Louise Keith (Sarah’s daughter)


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