February 20, 1867 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

February 20, 1867

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Is taking care of Mrs. Whitman. Will stay until the boys come from the woods and then hopes to set up housekeeping with Prosper in Omro or Oshkosh. Got a letter from David. Hasn’t heard from Henry in a long time. Mary thought that her stepmother was opening her mail so she got a lockbox.

 1867-02-20 1867-02-20B 1867-02-20C 1867-02-20D

Omro   Feb the 20 1867

Dear daughter Sarah,

I am now at Mr Whitmans[1] a taking care of Mrs W, his wife. She has ben sick along time. Father Betts[2] marred them and she thought that she would get well if I wuld com and take care of her. So I am here in Omro and expect to stay with them till they, the boys[3], com from the woods. I expect them the first of next month. Then I hope Prosper[4] and I will go to hous keeping some wharer in Omro or Oshkosh, I do not know. I received a letter from David[5] about the time I received yours and I andswer it the same day. He said he had written severl lately, one to Sarah and to Hiram[6] Prosper. I told him in my letter that you would like to hear from him. He sent me ten dollors. He is corasponding with Josaphin Kinyen[7]. I think she is trying her perest(?) to win him. He sais she is quite inteligent but I think he is caring on the joke some ways. He sais Mother you need not feal uneasey about it. She wont bee your daughter law jest yet. I have no nochen of marring yet.

Concering the stuff that is said a bought Mary[8] I think that she had ought to know it what that girl saying about her. If you should write write to her you would not know the number of her box. She has a lock and key to it. I wish she knew what Lorra sais about her. Her stept Mother[9] was in the habet of takeing her letters out of office so she thought. So she bough a box lock and key to it. I have written to Henry[10] when I was in Waukegan but have not heard from him this long time. I dont [know] what to think of it. When I wrote to him that my health was very poor and I wanted him to write to me soon and let me know how they were gitting along. Did you ever know anything more about that Methadest Minister? How does Mrs Wismann do? Has she forgotten me? She has not writted to me yet. Remember me to Lucy and her Mother[11] and all inquireing friends. My love to you all. Kiss the children for me. I wish you would write to Henry and tell him I have written to him and have not heard from him in a long while. Write him a good letter and if you wanted to write to Mary, you inquire of Henry aboute the number of Mary box. I don’t care if David married Josofin if he wanted her but he had not better bind him self till he coms to see her, but I don’t think he will have her. But Jo is call a good girl. Beauty is but skinn deep. Write soon and Nancy[12] to and Hannah[13] like wise. I would lik to see you all very much. I wish you would sell out and move west som whare we could live in gun shot of each other. When you write tell me all the news. My health is quite good at present.

From your mother

Nancy B Betts

To Sarah Keith

[1] The name appears to be Whitman, although it is hard to decipher

[2] Rev. Platt Betts, Nancy’s second husband

[3] Her sons, Robert and Prosper (see November 18, 1866 letter)

[4] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[5] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[6] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[7] Also see D.C.’s letter of August 29, 1868

[8] Mary Crawford, Edwin’s wife and Nancy’s daughter-in-law.

[9] Lovina (Taylor) Hamilton

[10]Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[11] Charles Luke Keith Jr.’s sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee, and her daughter Lucy Lee

[12] Nancy Keith, Sarah’s daughter

[13] Hannah Keith, Sarah’s daughter


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