July 19, 1867 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

July 19, 1867

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Robert and family are well. Pros came home for a few days then went back to the boom. Heard from her sister Mary. She is living in Beamsville. Robert and Willie Crawford went to the boom; saw Pros.

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Omro   July 19th 1867

Dear Sarah,

I received your kind letter a short time ago. I was glad to hear from you but fell bad to hear that you had ben sick and Luke[1] having a nother bad spell. I hope you both will git your healths gain. When you received this write soon and let me know how you all are a getting a long for I am anxous to hear from you. Robert[2] and famly are all well. He came home a Satterday and whent back a monday. Prosper[3] came home two weekes a go and staid few days and has gon back to the boom[4]. He dont work for Robert, he works for Mr Drake this summer. He thought he would not be home in four weekes again. I would wrote your sooner but I had not anything in perticular to write. I have jest finished quilting that quilt that I peast out of mothers curtens. It looks nice. Evryone that see it sais it is a hansom quilt. I received a letter last eveing from David[5]. He is well. He sais nothing about coming home. He complains of his folks of not writing to him, only me. I wish you or Luke would write to him soon. I heard from your Aunt Mary[6] by the way of one of her friends in Oshkosh. She is living living at Beamsvill[7], a sewing with a taylor. She was well then. I wrote to her last weeke. Davids bissness is not setteld yet. He sais it may take a good share of his property or he will make a grate sacrafice. He sais if he can have good health he will not be discourage. He sais he has learnt a good lesson. He has ben very bissy a getting his bissness in good shape a gain. My health is quite good at present. When Prosper came home he was quite un well. I was afrade he would have a run of the fever. He whent back a fealing better. Wille Crawford[8] whent up to the boom with his Father and Prosper came to theare camp while he was thear. He said Pros was well. Lumber is so low they cant sell them only at a very low rate. That is our famlys luck. Is James Holding better so he can tend to his bissness? Is Mrs Buding home againe? Is she better? Is Mrs Persivill a live yet? Have you ben to see her? Tell me how the Baptest Church prospers. Write soon. I was in hops you would move to green bay[9]. What put Luke in the noshen of going to that new country when he is not abel to work. O I cant have it som that you and your famly to go a way whear I never can see you a gain. Lousia[10] and I was a talking about you a moveing to green bay. Then we would go and see you. O dont go away Sarah till you come and make me a viset and Luke to if he can. I want to see you all very much. I wanto see all of the children and Sis and Jimme[11] very much. Crops looks well hear and they say all through this region of country gardens is a doing well. Peas and beans and young potatoes and beerys. I must close for the present. My love to you all from your Mother.

Nancy B Betts

[to] Sarah Keith

[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[2] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[3] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[4] There were as many as five companies running logs down the Wolf River in Wisconsin which were then sorted at Bay Boom and sent to saw mills in Oshkosh

[5] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[6] Nancy’s sister, Mary (Comfort) Wickersham

[7] Beamsville, Ontario, where Nancy and her husband Hiram Crawford lived when they were first married in 1820

[8] Robert Crawford’s son and Nancy’s grandson.

[9] Green Bay, Wisconsin

[10] Robert Crawford’s wife and Nancy’s daughter-in-law

[11] Sarah’s youngest children, Louese and James Keith


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