September 4, 1867 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

September 4, 1867 

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Prosper is working for one month on a farm. She wishes Sarah, Luke and their two youngest children could come for a visit. She was glad to hear Aunt Caty and Lucy had moved into their new house. Hiram married a young lady from Odgenburg, New York.

1867-09-04 1867-09-04B 1867-09-04C 1867-09-04D

Omro   Sep 4th 1867

Dear daughter Sarah,

I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you. I received your kind and welcom letter a short time ago. I was verry much pleased to heare from you all. I hope you all will get your healths again. My health is very good for me at present. Prosper[1] is quite well again, so he has gon to worke on a farm. He has hired out for one month. I wish you and Luke[2] and the two younges children could come out to see us this fall. I think it would do you good to take a trip on the cars[3]. I do want to see all very much. I am glad Aunt Caty and Lucy[4] has moved in thear new hous. I hope they will in joy it. Give my regards to them when you see them and Hellen[5] also. I am glad to hear that she has her health again. Give my love to Lous[6]. I would be very much pleas to see her and her children. Give my love to Mrs Berdic. She was allways very kind to me. Tell her I would be very glad to see her and have not forgotten the menny good visets I had with her at her own hous and likewise Lousia to. I hope Wm Blake will be kind to her for she is worthey of it. Whare is Haret? I supose she is of a teashing shool. Is James Holding better so he can be home with his famly? Did you learn how Mrs Persivill willd her property? Did that niece that whent to Chicago get any thing or did Mrs Spoldon get it all? I want you to answer all those questions if you can. Give my love to Mrs Taylor. She is a good womman. I injoyed my self in her socity. Well I suppose you received Prosper letter by this time and if you have it inform of your brother Hirams[7] marriage. He was married to a young lady from Ogdenburg, new yorke[8]. He wanteg to know if I would feal bad now Mother dont cry but I did not feal like crying. I was well pleased to hear that he was married so that he got a respectable girl. He sais he has. I hope she is all what he thinks she is. I told in my letter to him to write to you. Tell Luke Omro is a groing fast. I would like to have you and him com out and see it. I think it woul be a benafit to your healths. Give my regards to Mrs Wiseman. Tell her I would be glad to see her and am glad to hear that she has got her health gaine and likewise Aunt Peat Jonson[9]. Tell her I have not forgotten the menny good visets I had with her at her hous. I would like to see her very much and all of the rest of the neighbors. Remember me to Aunt Lib Smith[10]. How does Andrew Allrige do? I dont know as I have spelt his name right. Has he got well? Remember me to Frank Beach and all inquireing friends. Write soon dear Sarah. Tell Sis[11] and Jimme[12] that gramma wants to see them and I have that littel bow wow yet and if he comes hear he can have it. Give my love to Luke, Eathen[13] and the girs[14] and keep a good share fore your self. O I wish it could be so that we could live close enough to geather that we could see each wonce and a wile. This is from your mother.

Nancy B Betts

To Sarah Keith

[1] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[3] The train, or “railroad cars”

[4] Charles Luke Keith Jr.’s sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee, and her daughter Lucy Lee

[5] Helen (Bradley) York, Catherine’s daughter by her first husband, Ethan Bradley

[6] Believe this refers to Lois Keith, Charles Luke Keith Jr.’s daughter by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[7] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[8] Hiram married Katherine E. Atchinson during the summer of 1867 in Ogdenburg, New York

[9] No relationship has been determined at this point. The parents of in-laws were sometimes referred to as Aunt or Uncle

[10] No relationship has been determined at this point. The parents of in-laws were sometimes referred to as Aunt or Uncle

[11] Louese Keith, Sarah’s daughter. She was often referred to as Sis

[12] James Keith, Sarah’s son

[13] Ethan Keith, Sarah’s oldest son, age 16

[14] Nancy and Hannah Keith, Sarah’s daughters


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