January 19, 1868 letter to Sarah Keith from Henry Crawford

January 19, 1868  

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Henry Crawford, Niles, MI

Didn’t know they had moved to the timber farm. He was gone about 10 weeks in the fall in the roofing business in Laport. Got a job at home making one hundred sets of wagon wheels. Was in Chicago and got to meet their new sister. Virginia was at Mary’s; she was helping her father since her stepmother died. Everything is different from what it was a year ago. Mary’s health is poor and she is wearing herself out very fast. Mary gets up in the night and goes up to the graveyard. She told Virginia she would wake up and find herself nearly frozen. Her cousin, a young woman who is staying with her, told Virginia that she would sometimes get up from the table and go into the next room and drink her tea alone.

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Niles    Sunday 19th/68[1]

Sister Sarah,

I received your welcom letter in due time & was glad to hear from you all once more. The day befor I receved it I was thinking about you & wondering how you was all getting a long. I did not know but you had mooved to the woods on that Timber farme that Luke[2] was a going to clear up (in a home). Well, we are living in the same place living about the same as of old. I am to work in the shop building wheeles for Murry. I was away from home for about ten weeks in the fall, was in the roofing business, was at Laport[3] the most of the time. I done verry well considern the time of the year I went at it. I came home as soon as cold weathe set in & found a job ready for me. Murry wanted me to build him one hundred set of waggon wheels. I took the job hired a helper & went at it. I hav got sixty set done. I will hav work as long as I want to stey for. I intend to go at roofing as soone as spring opins. If nothing hapins I will mak a few stamps this next summer. Tell Luke I will send him one of the Company Circulars as soon as I can. Mr Rogers the Propriator in in Ny York. When he return I will get some & send him one. If he can se any money in it & dont have anything that will pay him better I can put him on the right track. I was in Chicago twice this fall but did not have the pleasure of seeing our new sister[4]. She was not at home the first time but she was the second. Comments is unnessary. I have nothing to say. Virginia[5] was at Marys[6] in Desember. She is living or keeping house for her father[7] since her sep mother died[8]. Every thing is different from what thay was a year ago. She dont have them girles thar now. Mary health is poore. She is wareing her self out verry fast. She gets up in the night in her sleep in the night close & goes up to the grave yard[9] & all aroung. She told Virginia she had wok up and found her self nearly frozen. Her cousin, a young women is staying with her, told Virginia that she would get up from the table some times & go in the other room & drink her tea alone. She is verry poor in flesh.

We are all well. Virginia health is good as it ever was, so is mine. I have not heard from Mother[10] lately & dont expect to till I write to her, which I am a going to do in a bout five minutes. Virginia & childern send thar love to you & childern.

Your Brother H C Crawford


[1] Although no month is given, in 1868 the 19th fell on Sunday in only January, April and July. Based on the context of the letter, it appears to be written in January

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[3] LaPorte, Indiana, where Henry originally met his wife, Virginia

[4] Brother Hiram’s new wife, Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford

[5] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

[6] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, wife of brother Edwin

[7] Patrick Hamilton

[8] Lovina (Taylor) Hamilton died September 5, 1867

[9] Edwin Crawford died in Burlington, Iowa, on October 4, 1866

[10] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

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