August 1, 1868 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

August 1, 1868

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Chicago, IL

Arrived at Hiram’s on Thursday. Hiram and his wife Kitty met her. Her grandmother lives with them. Hite and Kitty send their regards. Expects to go visit son Henry and then Mary and then to Sarah’s. Prosper has complained of poor health this spring and the first of summer. Robert is up at the Boom weighing logs. He boards and gets over three dollars a day. He comes home every Saturday and goes back on Sunday. His children are well. Louisa is a good deal better than she was two weeks ago. One of her sisters is with them part of the time. She looks very bad.

1868-08-01 1868-08-01B 1868-08-01C

Chicago August the 1, 1868

Dear daughter,

I received your kind letter over a weeke a go and was glad to hear from you but thought I would not answer it till after I arived at Hiram[1] in Chicago. I rived thear a thursday eveing at the Depot, met Hiram and Kitty[2] his wife redy to receive me. We took the Street Car and went home. Found her old grand Mother[*] aliving withe them, seventy two year old. She is a considerbel healp to Kate. Prosper[3] has complaind of poor health this spring and the frist of the summer. He is a working in the harvest fild now a complaines of fealing a goodeal better. I hope he will keep so. Robert[4] is up to the Boom[5] a scailing [weighing] logs. He is bourded and gets over three dollors a day. He come home evry Satterday and goes back a Sunday. The children is well. Lousia[6] is a goodeal better then she was two weekes ago. She and her littel girls does the most of her work. One of her sisters is with apart of the time. She lookes very bad. Two weke ago we had exstream hot wether. Grate menny was sunstruck in difernt places. It is quite cool and plesenter now after the thunder showers it has cleard of plesent. I expct to viset Agusto the firs of the next weeke and I think the last of the weeke to go to son Herys[7] and then to Mayes[8] and then to your place. When I get redy to go to Galesburg[9] I will drop you a line to meet me at the station. The perticulars I will tell you when I see you. Tell Jimme and Sis [10] that gramma is a coming to see them. My love to all. Your Mother

Nancy B Betts

[to] Sarah C Keith

NB Hite and Kitt sends thear regards to you all NB Betts


[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[2] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[*] Katherine’s maternal grandmother, Elizabeth McGrath

[3] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[4] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[5] There were as many as five companies running logs down the Wolf River in Wisconsin which were then sorted and weighed at Bay Boom and sent to saw mills in Oshkosh.

[6] Robert Crawford’s wife, Louisa (McCann) Crawford

[7] Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[8] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, widow of Nancy’s son, Edwin

[9] Galesburg, Michigan, where Sarah and Luke Keith lived

[10] Sarah’s two youngest children


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