August 29, 1868 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from D.C. Crawford

August 29, 1868

To: Luke & Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: David (D.C.) Crawford, Golden City, CO

The return address on the envelope shows that D.C. was the County Clerk and Conveyancer for Golden City, Colorado. D.C. would be most happy to visit Sarah but to be candid does not know when, if ever. He may within a year and may not in five but when a railroad is completed through to Colorado and the Indian question is settled, he thinks he may be able to get away from home. Mother writes quite often. In the last letter she was in Chicago and was thinking about going to visit Henry and then Edwin’s widow, Mary Crawford. He hopes she will find a place “amongst some of our folks” where she could be contented to live and be happy. D.C. then writes about his life as “that old Bachelor Brother.”

1868-08-29 1868-08-29B 1868-08-29C 1868-08-29D 1868-08-29env 1868-08-29envB

Golden City    August 29th/68

To Brother & Sister Keith

I received your letter a few days since and will answer immediately. I assure you I was very glad to hear from you. And would be most happy to make you a visit but to be candid I do not know when if ever. I may within a year and may not in five. Just as I get along with my business although when we get a Rail Road through to this country and the Indian question gets fairly settled I think I may be able to get away from home. And I predict within one year will see a Rail Road into the mines or to base of the Rocky Mountains. It is or was a great undertaking and will be a great advantage to this country when completed.

You have got back over the River again on the old place. Where is Louis[1] these times? Did you not intend moving away last spring?

Yes Mother[2] writes me quite often. The last letter I got she was in Chicago and she was contemplating going to Henry’s[3] soon and to Mary Crawfords, Edwins[4] wife. I hope she will find a place amongst some of our folks where she could be contented to live and be happy. I would be willing to do all in my power to assist to maintain her. Mrs Kenyon is dead. I learned throug Mother she was. I used to get letters from Miss Josephene[5] but do not anymore. I presume she is with her father now. I believe she is a good girl and ought to have been married long ago. I suppose you think why do not that old Bachelor Brother get married out there in the Mountains. Well I do not know myself hardly. I sometimes think I will then I think I am enjoying myself pretty well and go with all the girls and have a pretty good time generally and keep putting it off. But if I live I think I will settle down within the next ten years if I succeed in my business affairs and then I will make you a visit on my wedding tour. That may seem a good while but ten years soon rolls arround and may be sooner. I will not promise. Enclosed please find my photograph. You see I am not old and I feel as young as a French Dancing Master. Write soon. Kiss all of the girls for me and believe me as ever.

Your brother

D.C. Crawford

[1] Believe this refers to Lois Keith, Luke Keith’s daughter by his first wife, Minerva Payson

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Henry Clay Crawford, David’s brother

[4] Edwin Crawford, David’s brother

[5] See February 20, 1867 letter from Nancy Betts


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