January 30, 1869 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

January 30, 1869

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Was afraid to open Sarah’s letter because of the bird on the envelope. She thought someone had died. Louisa received a letter from Robert and also from David, Hiram and Kitt. Their little boy is growing. Would like Sarah to send the letter she got from Alfred Comfort. Also she can’t find her picture of Emory Crawford. Robert and Prosper had gone into partnership on a house and lot, but it fell through. Prosper was without work a good part of the winter.

1869-01-30 1869-01-30B 1869-01-30C 1869-01-30D

Omro   Jan the 30 1869

Dear daughter Sarah,

I received you kind and welcom letter to day wich was dated the twenty fourth and I hast to answer it. I have ben thinking of you a grate eal for a month past. You or your family hasent scarcely ben out of my mind. When I received your letter I trimbel to open it seeing the bird on the envelop[1]. I was afrade some of you whare ded. In reading your letter I was thank full to hear that your where all so well as you are. I hope you all will continue a gitting better till you all are well. We have had a very pleasent winter. It looks the most of the time like spring wether but littel snow so the sleighs keep runing most of the time till thursday night it took to snowing and blowing and it stormd dredfull all the day yeasterday, and this morning is a beautofull as a spring morning and the snow is a foot deep on a level. It has drifted in large snow banks all a ronds us. Theare has not been as much snow in the wood this winter as useal. Some of the men in the camps had to leave the woods. Theare was not snow knoghf to draw the logs. We did not know but what our men folks would have to leave thear Camp to but now we are satistfide that they have snow knuff at present. They are a bout seventy miles from heare. Lousie[2] received a letter from Robert[3] yesterday. They whare all well and in good spirets. My health is quite good at present. Lousia and children is injoying present the same blessing. I have received a letter from David[4] and one from Hiram[5] and likewise one from Kitt[6]. They whare all well. Theare littel boy[7] grows finely but I have not heard from Henry[8] and famly sence I left thear in the fall. You said in your letter the one before the last that you had received a letter from Alford Comfort. If you have found it I wish you would send it to me. I cant write to him. I dont know what his post office adress is. I have lost Emry Crawfords likeness. If I have left it to your hous I wish you would send it to me. You remember I told you that Robert and Prosper[9] had whent in parding ship[10] conserning hous and lot. Well it is all fell through. Robert talk to me about and I told him I was willing to give it up. Prosper was without work a good share of the winter. It is tow weeks last thursday sence he first whent to the woods. L think her part is to small for her famly and I think so to Lousia is July we will have to find a nother hous in the spring. I often wish I could stept in and see you all. I am glad to hear that Lucy has got along so well and like wise Lousa Blake. I am glad they have don so well for old Mr Fuller for he is a good man. Remember me to Mr and Mrs burdic for the whare very kind to me and all inquiring friends. I expected to hear that Eathen[11] would be sick but I think if he sas not been sick he is perty tuff. Tell Sis and Jimme[12] that granma would like to see them very much. They are a holdding protracten meeting in all the Churses but I have not been but very littel. It is so far I could not go very often. They say theare is a good deal of intrest in the Churses thear is such good attindents. Write soon. O may the blesing of God atend you all and restore you all to perfect health. Your mother. My love to you all.

N B Betts

[to] S C Keith

[1] A bird, or a border, on an envelope usually meant there had been a death in the family.

[2] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Nancy’s daughter-in-law

[3] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[4] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[5] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[6] Katherine (Atchinson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[7] Harry Crawford, who was less than a year old

[8] Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[9] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[10] Partnership

[11] Ethan Keith, Sarah’s son

[12] Luke and Sarah’s two youngest children, Louese J. Keith and James C. Keith


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