July 12, 1869 letter to Sarah Keith from Henry Crawford

July 12, 1869

To: Sarah Keith

From: Henry Crawford, Niles, MI

Henry’s business took him to Chicago last week and he called on Hiram. Hiram’s wife is coming to visit about the first of September and then they are all going to visit Sarah and her family. Times are hard, money scarce & there is plenty of rain. Virginia’s health is very poor.

1869-07-12 1869-07-12B

Niles, July 12th, 1869

Sister Sarah,

I suppose it will suprise you to get a letter from me but I cant help it if it does. I must write once in a while. Well to commense, I dont intend to write a verry long one for I can talk bette then I can write. My business took me to Chicago last week & I called on Hiram[1]. Found them all well. Hiram Wife[2] is coming to mak us a visit about the first of September. Then we are all going to se your selfe & faimily. Times is hard, mony scarse & we have a plenty of rain.

Virginia[3] health is verry poore. She was confined to her bed all last weeke. She is better today. The children is all well. I am away from Home the most of the time except Sundays. Good By for this time. Our Love to all the Children.

Your Brother

HC Crawford

[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., Henry’s brother

[2] Katherine (Atchinson) Crawford

[3] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife


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