March 7, 1869 letter to Sarah Keith from Kate Crawford

March 7, 1869

To: Sarah Keith

From: Kate Crawford, Chicago, IL

Found her letter in Hiram’s pocket so wanted to answer it. She has a baby boy four months old.

1869-03-07 1869-03-07C 1869-03-07B

Chicago, Ill

Mch 7” 1869

Sunday Evening

My Dear Sister,

Looking in Hirams[1] pocket one day I found a letter from you marked unanswered and I told him I would do the honors. I have often thought I would open a correspondence with you for I have heard Hiram speak of you so much, I do not feel strange at all. But procrastination is one of my great evils. And consequently I neglect a great many things I ought not to. Since I have had a baby[2] to take up my time and attention it is nothing strange for me to go until the middle of the afternoon without washing my face or combing my hair.

My grandmothers health is very poor. High[3] is well and the Baby is growing finely. He will be four months old Wednesday.

I have not heard from Mother[4] in some time. I was very sorry I could not have made her visit pleasanter, but she happened here at an unfortunate time.

I will not write much this time, Sarah. My eyes are not very strong to write in the Evening, but I will break the ice and I hope to hear from you soon and often.

Remember me in much kindness to your Husband and give my love to the children, all. And accept much for yourself and allow me to subscribe myself until we meet.

Your Sister


P.S. High sends love to all

[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., Katherine’s husband and Sarah’s brother

[2] Harry A. Crawford, born November 10, 1868

[3] A nickname for Hiram

[4] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts


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