September 1869 letter to Sarah Keith from Kate Crawford

September 1869

To: Sarah Keith

From: Kate Crawford, Chicago, IL

Enjoyed her visit with Sarah very much, also with Mary and at Henry’s. Since she got home she has been canning peaches and making catsup. Would like to know if Sarah can send them a crock of butter for winter. It is so hard to get good butter. They will pay market price and the expense of shipping it. Would also like her to ship her shawl and to look for an earring she lost.

1869-09-00 1869-09-00B1869-09-00C

Sept – 1869


Dear Sister,

It has been my intention to drop you a line and let you know how we were ever since my arrival home, but I have found so much to occupy my mind and time I have post poned until to day. Sarah I enjoyed my visit with you very much. My only regret was the brevity of my stay. I had a pleasant time at Mary’s[1] and enjoyed myself well at Henry’s[2], but Harry[3] began worrying and I felt as if Saturday night must find me in Chicago and so it did. Prosper[4] had been here while I was away. If he is with you when this reaches you give him my love and tell him to bring back that picture he stole.

I have been busy since I got home doing up peaches and makeing catsup. Sarah we did not either of us ask you how many cows you milked but High[5] wants me to ask you if you could not put us up a nice crock of Butter for winter use. We will defray all expense and pay you good market price. It is so hard to get good butter. It would be a great treat. Will you tell me the expense of expressing my shawl. I will remit it to you immediately. I lost a gold earring somewhere. Have you seen anything of it? Sarah, please excuse the looks of this. I have my most convenient writing desk (a book on my lap) and Harry is standing up in front of me trying to pull it away. Tell Luke[6] – Oh! for one apple. Give my best love to all the family and I remain with much affection.

Your Sister


[1] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, Edwin’s widow

[2] Henry Clay Crawford, Kate’s brother-in-law

[3] Harry Crawford, Hiram and Kate’s eldest child (age 9 or 10 months)

[4] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Kate’s brother-in-law

[5] Hiram Crawford Jr., Kate’s husband

[6] Sarah’s husband, Charles Luke Keith Jr.


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