February 14, 1870 letter to Nancy Keith from Nancy Betts

February 14, 1870

To: Nancy Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Nancy has enjoyed very good health for several weeks but this morning she is not feeling well. Has only heard from Prosper once since he went to the woods and has not heard from Eugene since he went away. Louisa and children are well. Having very mild weather this morning. It looks very much like a spring morning. Received letters from D.C. and Hiram last week. D.C. sent $5.00 and Hiram sent $4.00. They are paying her rent at present. These are very discouraging times. It is hard work to get a hold of any money or get any work.

1870-02-14 1870-02-14B 1870-02-14C 1870-02-14D

Omro Feb 14th, 1870

Dear grandaughter[1]

I take my pen in hand to adress a few lines to you. I am sorra to hear that you are so un well. I hope you will get your health a gain. Jesus is the grate Physician of soul and boddy. He can heal us of evry disease. If we come to Jesus and ask with sinsear hearts he will hear and answer prayer and O Nancy will you promes me that you will pray to God and ask him to forgive you all of your sins for Jesus sake. Dont get tired of asking and seeking after Jesus for he will hear and answer prayer for he sais in his holy word, the Bible, he that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out and the Blessed Jesus said in a nother place in his Holy word he that beliethe on me shall be saved. He can save all that comes to him. Keep up good courage.

I have for a few weekes past injoyed very good health but this morning I am not fealing so well. I have not heard from Prosper[2] but wonce sence he went to the wood. I have not heard from Eugean[3] sence he whent away. Lousia[4] and children is well. We are having very mild wether this morning. It looks very much like a spring morning. It snowd knuff last night to make the sleighing quite good. I received a letter from David[5] last weeke. He was well. He sent me five dollors and like wise one from Hiram[6]. They whare all well but Kitt[7] and she was gitting better and Hite[8] sent me four dollors. They are paying my rent at present. It is very discouring times. It is hard work to get hold of any monny or get any work to do. That is the way the most of the men complains. My dear child I wish I could see you and all of your folks but that is imposabel becaus I have not the monny to travel. If I could go a journey it would improve my health very much. I hope when I hear from you a gain you will be better. I wish you was here to be under Dr Claps treatment. I thinke he could help you. He has help a woman that bloated dredful through her chest ands bowels. She wasent expected to live. He has help her so she is abel to see to her work. She sais she is a hunderd times better then she was. I mus close. My love to you dear Nancy and give my love to all of your folks. Tell your Mother to write to me soon as conveant.

From your gran Mother

Nancy B Betts

[to] Nancy C Keith


[1] Nancy Catherine Keith, the oldest daughter of Sarah and Charles Luke Keith Jr., was 17 when this letter was written

[2] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[3] Eugene Crawford, Nancy’s grandson (approximately 18 years old)

[4] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Nancy’s daughter-in-law

[5] David (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[6] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[7] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[8] Hiram’s nickname


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