January 17, 1870 letter to Sarah Keith from D.C. Crawford

January 17, 1870

To:  Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: David (D.C.) Crawford, Golden City, CO

Sends $10 and says not to pay it back. Is very happy with his life but wishes he were rich so he could help others, especially his mother.

1870-01-17 1870-01-17B 1870-01-17C 1870-01-17D 1870-01-17env

Golden City, Jan/70[1]

Dear Sister

Your letter reached me in proper time and I beg pardon for not answering before but my Bank of deposit having run out I had to wait until it was replenished again before I could accommodate you. I enclose you ten (10) dollars. I am sorry that I could not spare you more but I have been disappointed in getting some money in that was owing to me and New Years I had sent Mother[2] ten dollars and other demands found me short when your letter reached me. I am very glad you procured the money and I sincerely hope you will realize all your fondst hopes ‘anticipate or conceive’. You need not think of sending this back, you are welcome to it. Only I wish I was rich so I could send you (500) of them. I have always managed to get a living and a good one and I presume enjoyed life as well as most of People but still I have always desired to be rich or well off so I could assist others and especially my own folks and more particular Mother. I have always thought if I could only get enough ahead to make her comfortable and happy in her old age I would be happy and so I would. I am as a general thing happy and contented. I never give myself much trouble. I am always doing something or at least trying and then if I do not succeed, I do not cry but sing and try it over again so to speak. I take “Love Easy” always have had somebodys girl to Love. And I am very fond of the female sex generally. If you think I am a crusty old Bachelor, you are mistaken. I hold my own very well and go along as though I had never seen any trouble but still I have experienced a great deal but never let it pull me me down. I would like to pay you a visit so much but when? Echo answer when! I have just rec’d letters from Hiram[3] and Mother. Both well and theirs (?) Love to all. Write soon.

Your Brother


[1] The return address on the envelope shows D.C. Crawford, Notary Public and Conveyancer, Golden City, Col, Clerk of Jefferson County, Colorado, and the postmark is dated January 17, 1870

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Hiram Crawford Jr., D.C.’s brother


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