September 10, 1869 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

September 10, 1869  

To: Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Nancy has moved again. She rents three rooms from Mrs. Henderson and pays ten shillings per week. Prosper left for Michigan last Wednesday hoping to make boxes for peaches with William Willcox and family. She doesn’t know whether he will get to Sarah’s place or not. Robert and family are well with the exception of the baby who has a hard cold. Eugene left six weeks ago for Brandon and has not been heard from since. Nancy feels quite uneasy about him. She told him to write when he found work but he has not. Nancy has not received a letter from Henry in a long while and doesn’t know why. Prosper received a letter from David the other day. He was well. The last letter Nancy had from Kitt had a likeness of the baby. He is very fleshy and quite good looking. Nancy took two letters out of the post office for Eugene and thinks one of them was from Ethan.

1869-09-10 1869-09-10B 1869-09-10C

Omro September 10th 1869

Dear Sarah,

I thought I would write you a few lines this after noon to let you know that we have ben moveing a gain. It will be two weekes to morrow sence we move on water Street. We rented three room of Mrs Henderson. We pay ten shillings per week. She is a nice old lady and I think I have a good place. Prosper[1] left here for Michigan last wendsday to St Joes County where William Willcox and fafly (family?) is to get in the peach bissness a makeing boxes if he can. I dont know wether he will get to your place or not. I told him I wish he would go if he could. He thought it would cost to much. My health is good as useal. It is quite sickly here with fevers and bowel complaint. Robert[2] and famly is quite well with the exception of the baby. It has a hard cold. Eugean[3] left here six weekes a go and for Brandon and we have not heard from him sence. I do feal quite unesa about him. He whent away with his working clothes on. I told him to write to me when he got in to work but he has not. He is a singular Josy(?). He is so peculiar in som things. I think it is in his bringing up. I have not received a letter from Henry[4] in a long while. I dont know what is the caus of it. Prosper received one from David[5] the other day. He was well. The last letter I had from Kitt[6], she sent me the babys[7] likeness. He is very fleshy and quite good looking. I hope the girls[8] has got there healths a gain and you are all well. I took two letters out of the post office for Eugean. I think one of them is from Eathen[9]. When you receive theas few lines write soon. Dont wait so long before you write a gain. I would like to see you all a gain but I dont know when that will be. I wish you and Luke[10] could com or would com and make us a viset. We would be glad to see you. I have nothing more to write that is very interresting so I must bring my letter to a close. My love to you all. Your mother

N B Betts

[1] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[2] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[3] Nancy’s grandson, Eugene Crawford, Edwin and Louisa (Hall) Crawford (Edwin’s first wife)

[4] Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[5] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[6] Katherine (Atchinson) Crawford, Nancy’s son Hiram’s wife

[7] Harry A. Crawford, Hiram and Katherine’s first child

[8] Sarah’s daughters, Nancy and Hannah Keith

[9] Ethan Keith, Sarah’s eldest son

[10] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband


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