1871 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford Jr.

Winter 1871

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

Hiram is writing Sarah to tell her that his family is well and that he is glad to hear that Nancy is feeling better. They are experiencing a major snow storm and the company is having difficulty keeping the trolley cars running.


Dear Sister,

I have written to Mother[1] about all the news. Will only say that we are all well and are being visited with a N East Snow Storm. It is about all we can do to keep the cars[2] running. Am glad to hear that Nancy[3] is feeling better. Enclosed please find Nine dollars (9). Love to all.

Your Brother

H Crawford


[1] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[2] Hiram worked for the North Chicago City Railway Company

[3] Nancy Keith, Sarah’s daughter. While the letter is not dated, because of the reference to Nancy feeling better it is believed to have been written in February of 1871 as previous letters refer to Nancy being sick


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