January 20, 1873 letter to Sarah Keith from D.C. Crawford

January 20, 1873

To:  Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: D.C. Crawford, Golden City, CO

Pleased to receive photographs of Luke and Hannah and is looking forward to receiving ones of Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Mentions his correspondence with Mother and that he would like to visit but that circumstances do not permit travel. Describes his general state of affairs and society in Colorado. Mentioned a letter from Hiram announcing the birth of a daughter.

Scan of 1873-01-20 D.C. Crawford to Sarah Keith

Golden     Jan. 20” 1873[1]

My Dear Sister

Your welcome letter came duly to hand. I assure you we were glad to hear from by letter and receive Photograph of Luke[2] & my good looking Miss Hannah[3] and now you have an artist[4] in the Family. I hope you will not put it off long in sending us yours as well as writing Mr. and Mrs. Brown[5] to send theirs. I am anxious to see how or what changes old Father time has wrought on you these twenty (20) year since last we met or thereabouts. Mother[6] and I correspond regularly and I am delighted with her youthful appearance judging from her letters. She tells me she keep now and then a Bottle of (high something-Name) Medicine that keeps out her pains & aches and generally when I hear from her she is feeling better or not quite as well as she has been, but I do think our Dear Mother holds her own remarkably well and we all ought as far as in our Power to administer to several Necessities at the longest. She cannot possibly remain with us long. I would like to pay her a visit as well as you & Family but my circumstances forbids even the thought of it at present. I am making a living and am comfortable, but it takes my every moment that can be spared from sleep to do it. I am a worker in my particular calling and if Providence spares my life and I have no unusual bad luck I think I can make some money more than just a living after a while. My life has been rather an eventful one but still I have been blessed with friends both male & female and generally had a good time so to speak. Sociably I have always mingled with the best of the People Wherever I have lived at and its so to day. My Family & I moves in the best society in the place when we do go but do not go much. Our Society although you will no doubt be surprised to hear it compares with any you would meet anywhere in the States. Formerly we had a Transient Population consisting of Roughs & doubtful characters both Men & Women but the country has become to warm for them and to a certain extent have left for more congenial climes.

I think Luke looks quite natural, holds up well. And I am glad to see him look so well. Have Ethen[7] send his Photograph. Amanda[8] as well as myself are very anxious to have all of your Photographs and I hope you will not delay in sending them will you? Hiram[9] wrote me a short time ago announcing Birth of Daughter[10] at their House. Nice little Family. I have thrown(?) up the springe(?). The Boy starts out in a hurry. Time enough yet for us to show our colors. Just wait and we will see what can be done out here where the “air is light.” Let me hear from you soon again. Amanda joins in much love & good wishes to you all. Thanking you for Photographs.

Your Bro

“D.C.” Crawford

[1] The return address on the envelope is Crawford & Boyd, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Fire and Life Insurance Agents, Golden City, Colorado

[2] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[3] Hannah Keith, Sarah’s daughter

[4] Nancy’s husband, Henry Brown, who was a photographer

[5] Henry and Nancy Brown, Sarah’s daughter and son-in-law

[6] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[7] Ethan Keith, Sarah’s son

[8] Amanda (Thornton) Crawford, D.C.’s wife

[9] Hiram Crawford Jr., D.C.’s brother

[10] Jessie Blanche Crawford was born October 18, 1872

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  2. Charles R Lee
    Apr 15, 2018 @ 02:15:43

    Many thanks for the regular letter transmission of the Keith and Lee families I forward them on to another Cousin Graham Lee who is 84 and I being 76 we appear to be the ones over here in Australia that have an interest in the Lee Ancestors.
    I talk fairly regulary with Cousin Margaret Williams



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