March 10, 1873 letter to Sarah Keith from Henry Crawford

March 10, 1873

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Henry Crawford, Mishawaka, IN

Left the railroad shop because he is not able to work. He’s now working in Mishawaka, but doesn’t know how long he will stay there. Wagon making is heavy work for him. He did not let mother know as he did not want to make her uneasy. Virginia’s health has been very good this winter, the baby is hearty and stout. He has been walking some four months and can say almost any thing they tell him. Virginia is at LaPorte.

1873-03-10 1873-03-10B 1873-03-10C

Mishawaka     March 10th, 1873[1]

Sister Sarah

You have I presume been loocking for a letter from me for some time. I have received letters from all of our folks this winter but have not answered one of them before yesterday and that was to Mother[2]. I wrote to her first and shall continue to do so till I get them all answered for it is a hard taske for me to write. You will wonder why. I will answer I have not beene able to do but a verry little worke this winter. My health is or has not beene verry good this Winter.

I left the Rail Road shop because I was not able to work and last weeke was the first I have Worked of any consequence. Since I am now to worke in Mishawaka at my traid I dont know how long I will stay here. I will not be able to worke at Waggon making I dont think for it is to heavy worke for me. I did not write to mother the same that I have written to you for I thought it mite make her uneasy. Virginia[3] heath has been verry good this winter, the Baby[4] harty and stout. He has walked some four months and can say a most any thing we tell him. Virginia is at Laport. I go home Sadurday Evening on the train. It dont cost me any thing a wride for I know nearly all the Boyse. As I have written about all I can think of I will now close by sending our Love to yourselfe and family. I have not seene you Sarah in a long time and I would like to come and se you but I cant nowe. I hope Luke[5] health is better than it was for it is a great item with me and I suppos it is some so with him. Good By.

From your Brother

H. C. Crawford

P.S. Write as sone as convienyont

Excuse all mistakes and bad spelling

H. C. Crawford

[1] The date of this letter was not given. However, there is a reference to a baby boy. Henry’s youngest son, George Edward Crawford, was born July 26, 1872 so it would appear the letter was written in 1873

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

[4] This is believed to be George Edward Crawford

[5] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband


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