September 11, 1873 letter to Sarah Keith from Katherine Crawford

September 11, 1873

To:  Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Katherine Crawford, Chicago, IL

Since they bought the house they won’t be able to make a visit to Michigan. Eugene spent two nights with them. Their son, Harry, looks just like him. Henry and Johnny visited them. Hasn’t seen Jenny since before the fire. Sorry to hear Nancy is down on her luck and wants to know where they’re living. Their children are well; the baby is almost 11 months old.

Scan of 1873-09-11 Katherine Crawford to Sarah Keith

Chicago, Illinois

Sept 11th, 1873, Thursday


Dear Sister,

I have long promised myself I would write to you, but have never got about it untill now. I hope you will not think I have forgotten you by my seeming neglect. We promised ourselves a treat in the shape of a visit to your place this fall if it had not been for buying this place. I do not know when it will happen now. I hope you are all well and enjoying good health. We like our home very much. When we first moved in we all took heavy colds. Grandmother[*] was very ill. Indeed, some days I had very little hopes of her recovery, but she has rallied and is feeling pretty smart. Although she has not regained her usual strength.

Hiram[1] had a letter from Mother[2] a few days ago. She was feeling pretty smart. Eugene[3] spent two nights with us – he is a nice boy. Our Harry[4] is the perfect picture of him. Henry[5] and Johnny[6] were over the first of June. Johnny is a very pretty boy. I like his appearance very much. I have not seen Jenny[7] since before the fire[8]. I was sorry to hear Nancy[9] had such poor luck, however she must not be discouraged. Where are they living? Tell Luke[10] I do wish I could come and roll on his grass and eat some of those nice apples & potatoes. Our children keep well. Baby[11] is almost eleven months old but has no teeth yet. I will send you one of her pictures.

Remember us all kindly to the children & I hope sometime soon to see you all.

Good night.

Kate E. Crawford

396 Dayton St

Chicago, Illinois

[written at top of first page] Please answer soon.



[*] Elizabeth McGrath

[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., Kate’s husband

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Hiram’s nephew, Eugene Crawford, the son of Edwin and Louisa (Hall) Crawford

[4] Harry Crawford, Hiram and Kate’s oldest child

[5] Henry Clay Crawford, Hiram’s brother

[6] John H. Crawford, Henry’s oldest son

[7] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

[8] The Great Chicago Fire, which started Oct 8, 1871 and burned through the 9th. As many as 300 people were believed killed and 90,000 left homeless with damages totaling $200 million

[9] Nancy (Keith) Brown, Sarah’s daughter

[10] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[11] Jessie B. Crawford, Hiram and Kate’s second child

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