February 13, 1874 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Betts

February 13, 1874

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Nancy has been in Oshkosh getting her teeth fixed and visiting old friends. Had one letter from D.C. after he returned home. He had a pleasant visit with Sarah and family. After he left Sarah’s place he traveled to Mary’s and found Eugene there. They went on to Henry’s who was tickled to see him. Henry writes that he had a good visit with D.C. and how surprised he was to see him. On opening the letter she found a post office order for five dollars. Doesn’t know whether Jenny knows any thing about it. Henry had news about all of his children but said nothing about his wife. Robert came home last week. He suffers from rheumatism much of the time. Louisa and the children are well. Has not seen Bell in two or three weeks. Doesn’t know whether Prosper has come home from the woods. She was looking for him in the middle of this month.  

1874-02-13 1874-02-13B

Omro     Feb 13th 1874

My Dear Sarah

I take my pen in to answer to your kind letter that I received a short time a go. I should have written to you alittel soonner but I have ben from home most a week to Oshkosh to get my teeth mended and to viset some of my old friends. My teeth cost me most four dollors and a half all to 20 cents and going on the Exspress one dollor more. I feal that I must have my teeth fixt if it takes all that I have. I received aletter from Hiram[1] a short time a go. They where all well only the baba[2]. It had a hard cold. I had one letter from DC[3] after he returnd home. That was some time last month. I am lookin for aletter from him. He wrote that he had a plesent visit with you all and after he left your place he arived at Maryes[4] and found Eugene[5] there and they went to Henrys[6] and H was tickeld all most to peases to see him. He had a good viset with them. I am alooking for a letter from him now. I received aletter from Henry to day. He writes that he had a good viset with DC and how surprisd he was to see him and on oping the letter I found a post office order for five dollors. It com very exceptabel. I dont know wether Jenne[7] knowes any thing about it or not. He did not say any thing about her. He told me about all of the children but said nothing about his wife. Robert[8] came home las week. He comeplaind of not fealing very well. He is troble with rheumatism very much at times. Lousea[9] and children is well. We have not seen Bell[10] in two or three weeks. We dont know wether Prosper[11] has come home from the woods or not. She was looking for him home the middel of this month. I am fealing better again. I feal that God is merciful and kind to me in sparing my life to this time and giving me reasabel good health and I feal that he provids for me alltho I feal that I am unworthey of all his merseys and kindness to me. The Methest is a holding a protracted meeting in this place. I went last night.

There seemes to be a goodeal of inerst. There is a man gone to Lecter to night in Omro to exspose Spiritualism and yesterday Victora Woodhull hand bills was sent round to let the peopel know that free love is the best docktrin that can be oferd to the Publick. It is to be next week, fifty cents for admitance. It is quite healthy here this winter. We are having good sleighing and a pleasent mild winter. Eugene wrote to me sence his uncel DC left. He said he had a plesent viset with him and told of old Mrs Mac Conol Death, that her son Frank had marred a mean girl and he turnd his Mother out of doors[12]. She went to her daughtters and dide brokenharted. Write soon. My love to yourself and all of your famly. I think of you often. I wish that you could come and see me. I wanto see you very much.

From your mother

N B Betts


[1] Hiram Crawford Jr., Nancy’s son

[2] Jessie Blanche Crawford

[3] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford, Nancy’s son

[4] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, widow of Nancy’s son Edwin Crawford

[5] Her grandson, Eugene Crawford, Edwin’s son by his first wife Louisa (Hall) Crawford

[6] Henry Clay Crawford, Nancy’s son

[7] Virginia (Worley) Crawford, Henry’s wife

[8] Robert Crawford, Nancy’s son

[9] Louisa (McCann) Crawford, Robert’s wife

[10] Isabella (Steele) Crawford, Pros’ wife

[11] Lucius Prosper Crawford, Nancy’s youngest son

[12] The 1860 Atlas shows the McConnell family living next to Edwin Crawford and both Mary McConnell and Franklin McConnell are listed in the 1860 Census in Dowagiac, Michigan. Further research shows that Mary (Ameigh) McConnell died September 18, 1873 in Silver Creek, Cass County, Michigan; her cemetery headstone spells her maiden name as Ameigh while her death certificate spells her father’s last name as Amah and her mother’s as Ama. Her son, Franklin McConnell married Elizabeth Barnett on June 23, 1872. It was previously thought that Mary had two daughters, S. Helen and Amy; however, Sarah Helen McConnell, who was listed as living with Mary and her husband, Breese McConnell, in the 1860 census, was actually the daughter of Cyrus (Breese’s brother) and Rebecca (Ameigh – thought to be Mary’s sister) McConnell (she is also listed in their household in the 1860 census). So it appears Mary spent her last days living with her daughter, Amy (McConnell) McKnight

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  2. Barb Triphahn
    Jul 26, 2018 @ 10:42:51

    On 7-26-2018, Footnote #5 was changed to show that Eugene Crawford was her grandson and Footnote #12 was changed to include further information about the McConnell family



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