February 6, 1876 letter to Sarah Keith from D.C. Crawford

February 6, 1876

To:  Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: D.C. Crawford, Colorado Springs, CO

David is sitting up with his little daughter Ida, who has been very sick for five weeks. David is running a hotel but Amanda does not like the business and so he may sell it in the spring or fall.

1876-02-06 1876-02-06B 1876-02-06env
D.C. Crawford, Proprietor.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Feb 6th 1876

My Dear Sister

In looking over my old letters this evening I came on one of yours not reccollecting if I had answered it and having a little time I placed myself in position to drop you a few lines trusting you are all usually well. At this moment I am sitting up with my little daughter “Ida” going on three years old I think her Mother said in May[1]. Its six oclock in the morning. Everyone is asleep in bed. I take the watch with her from one oclock every night. She has been sick for five (5) weeks in the morning (Sunday) commenced in her bowels information. At times thought she was dead. Three physicians having given her up but kept to work on her and finally succeeded in returning her to life. We of course all feel very grateful to human as well as Providential aid in saving to us our first born. She is getting along quite well still slowly as she cannot walk yet owing in fact that the docters used a hollow instrument to perforate the skin & injected some poisonous substance under the skin in the region of her heart that made two bad running sores & of course makes her sore & weak. Amanda[2] and Baby[3] are quite well. Baby has been more or less fretful with her teeth. I am keeping a hotel and have the reputation for going very well. Still Amanda does not like it much & I may not remain at it very long. Perhaps not longer than Spring or Fall. Amanda does not have to work much only oversee as its quite a large house & we have to keep so much help any way. Letters from Mother[4] & Hiram[5] & Henry[6] lately state all well as usual. Hiram says his Family paid you all a visit & had a good time the going after them. I believe if I was rich I would do the same. Write soon. We all join in love to you all.

From your Bro. D.C. Crawford

Say to Luke[7] I have not forgotten him but will send him a paper some day. I hope Ethen[8] will get better. If I was expecting to remain in hotel I would try and have Ethen come out here & see if it could not help him but now I think I shall sell out in spring & possibly go to “Black Hills”.

D.C. C.

Tell Luke first class board at Crawford House would cost or does cost $3 per day by the week $17.50 single double 25 to $30 _____ rooms & that he must bring his wife & come out to fashionable Waterbury Place & put on style get your ______________ water every morning.


No I _____ seen Miss Brown but heard of her ______________ should like to have met her.[9]


[1] Ida Louise Crawford was born May 20, 1873

[2] Amanda (Thornton) Crawford, D.C.’s wife

[3] Allie Crawford

[4] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[5] Hiram Crawford Jr., D.C.’s brother

[6] Henry Clay Crawford, D.C.’s brother

[7] Charles Luke Keith Jr., Sarah’s husband

[8] Ethan Keith, Sarah’s son

[9] D.C.’s handwriting is hard enough to read, but the last several paragraphs were written crosswise across the page and partially overlapped the main body of the letter making it almost impossible to decipher

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