May 2, 1876 letter to Sarah Keith from Nancy Brown

May 2, 1876

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Nancy Brown, Lawton, MI

Nancy is writing about a bonnet that she has made for her mother. There is also some discussion about Hannah’s need for money and that Grandma is traveling through Lawton, but is not planning to stop. Nancy is concerned that her Grandma is getting old and that Nancy shall never get a good picture of her now.

1876-05-02 1876-05-02B

From H. A. Brown’s

Photograph Gallery.

Lawton, Mich,

SPECIALTIES. PHOTOGRAPHS And AMBROTYPES, FRAMES AND CASES, Copying and Finishing, In Oil, Water Colors, and India Ink, Picture Cord, Screw Eyes, Glass, Backing, etc, &c.

Lawton, May 2nd 1876

Tuesday morning,

Ma I want you to go over to Marys to morrow morning and get me some patterns and send them to me in the afternoon. Pa[1] says he will take you to the burg. Now I will tell you what patterns I want: an over skirt, a plain Polonaise, a sock pattern for the street for cashmere, you know what I mean, like that one of Nellies. Tell her I want the latest style patterns.

Ma I have done the best I could with your bonnet. We thought the black would look better than the black and white. The frame and Turquoise cost .80. Am afraid you wont like the frame but it was the largest I could get. The bonnet wants to show about an inch of the hair in front. You can put the strings on where it will fit you best. May be the strings wont cover up where the braid and turquoise is joined. If it dont you can fix it. When you lay it down lay it on the crown and then it wont muss so easy. That tie isnt very nice but thought you could wear it or not just as you liked. Now I want you to rite and let me know how you like your bonnet or I shall think you dont like it and when you hear from Sis[2] or Grandma[3] comes write right back and tell us something of Sis. I am most getting out of paitence with her. Hannah[4] says she knew how bad she needed her money and if she dont send it she dont want we should ask her for it a gain. We feel real bad to think Grandma is going right by us & not stop. It seems as if she might stop one night any way, and then we could get a negative of her. She is getting old and I am afraid we shall never get a good picture of her now.

Good bye. Write soon.


Hannah says tell you to keep your bonnet in the box.

[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[2] Louese (Keith) Harris, Nancy’s sister

[3] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[4] Hannah (Keith) Towne, Nancy’s sister


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