April 6, 1877 letter to Sarah Keith from Hiram Crawford

April 6, 1877

To:  Sarah Keith

From: Hiram Crawford Jr., Chicago, IL

Henry and family are well and Louese Keith, who was living in Chicago with Hiram and Kate, weighs 139 pounds. “Gaining on her mother aint she.” Sends $4.00.


Chicago, Apr 6, 1877[1]

My Dear Sister

I have written to Mother[2] about evrything of information concerning things around here. Henry[3] and family are well and Louisa[4] weighs one hundred & thirty nine pounds (139). Gaining on her mother aint she. Enclosed find four (4) dolls[5].

Affectionately Your Bro

H. Crawford

[1] On North Chicago City Railway Company stationary showing V. C. Turner as President and H. Crawford as Treasurer

[2] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[3] Henry Clay Crawford, Hiram’s brother

[4] Sarah’s daughter, Louese Keith. It appears from this letter and the next three letters from Louese that she was living for a time with Hiram and Kate Crawford and helping with the care of their two children

[5] Dollars


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