June 10, 1878 letter to Hannah Keith from Louese Keith

June 10, 1878

To:  Hannah Keith

From: Louese Keith, Chicago, IL

A general discussion about Louese’s wardrobe.

Chicago     June 10, [1878?][1]

Dear Sister Hannah

I recieved Mas[2] letter two weeks ago to day. Thought then that I would sit right down & write to you but something happened to prevent me from doing so at the time. So I kept putting it off thinking well when night comes I will write but then the boys & girls would come for me to go some where & of course I would not think of writing or any thing else as long as I was going (on a tear) so I have made up my mind that if you ever hear from me I will have to take time to write to you and as I am going to the dressmakers this morning I take this opportunity of writing so that I can mail it to day. Uncle Hi[3] rec’d a letter from Grandma[4] last Saturday saying that Aunt Patty[5] was at our house. Give her my love & tell her she must not leave until I get there to see her. Also that you looked for me home most any day now. Well I can not say positively when I will leave Chicago. Miss Kemper, the dressmaker, is sick & can do no work for me until next week but as I have got considerable sewing to do yet in the way of underclothes & calico dresses I presume she will have my other things done by the time I am through with my work so she will not detain me. There is one thing I would like & that is to be in C–[6] until after the 4th for us young folks will have a high time then if nothing happens & they are all very anxious that I should stay until then (say nothing to Uncle Hi about it). Now Hannah I am going to talk trunk again. Tell Ma that I do not know what to do. The trunk I have will not hold one quarter of my things & if I go to South Bend & Dowagiac I will have to have a larger trunk any way so now what shall I do? I do not want Ma to say any thing to Uncle Hi about it because he is getting me lots of things now & is so good that it would be mean to ask him for any thing. She spoke of borrowing Aunt Kates[7] trunk but she has got her furs & winter clothes packed away in there so I would not want to ask her for it. Ma said that I could take yours if there was any way of getting it to me. Now I do not know as you could do this but if there was any one coming here from the Burg[8] could’nt you send it by them. I just speak of this but I do not know as it could be done.

[Unsigned, but it is Louese Keith’s handwriting]


[1] This is believed to have been written while Louese was living with her uncle and aunt, Hiram and Kate Crawford, in 1878

[2] Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[3] Hiram Crawford Jr.

[4] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[5] Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague, sister of Louese’s father Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[6] Chicago, Illinois

* Her Uncle Henry Crawford’s family lived in South Bend, Indiana, and her Aunt Mary Crawford (second wife of her late Uncle Edwin Crawford) and cousins Eugene, Edna and Emmett lived in Dowagiac, Michigan

[7] Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford, Hiram’s wife

[8] Galesburg, Michigan

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