November 13, 1878 letter to Nancy Brown from Edna Crawford

November 13, 1878

To:  Nancy Brown

From: Edna Crawford, Omro, WI

Edna is home cooking and caring for her mother, whose health is very poor. Louisa is suffering from sores on her foot and has not walked for five weeks.

1878-11-13 1878-11-13B 1878-11-13C 1878-11-13D

Omro Nov. 13 1878

Dear Cousin N[1]

Your nice long letter was recd & must tell you it was quite a surprise party to me to get your letter for I had given up all hope of ever hearing from you. Thought you had gone back on your Wis. cousin. Oh N I am so mad to think that fellow had to wait until I had gone before coming but then he come under my wish bone so of course it will be allright. In time he will go back on his other girl or she on him.

Well I am home again & it don’t seem possible that six or seven weeks ago I was away out in Mich. or Ind. I have written Lou[2] since I come home but have not heard from her yet but I know her failing so shan’t look for a letter until she get ready to write. I almost fell in love with her. She has a very pleasant house to live in. It is so nice to live with our aunts & uncles. They are so thoughtful & generous to their neices especially Chicago ones[3].

Mother[4] is very poorly. Her foot has the worst sore I ever saw. She has not walked for five weeks or steped on her foot[5]. Father[6] is not at home now. Will be gone three or four weeks. Will[7] goes away next week. Kit[8] is going up north on a visit to Ma’s sisters & they have elected me chief cook. Don’t you pity me?

Well how is Grandma?[9] All settled I presume. I suppose her granddaughter Hannah[10] stays with her most of the time. You know she was so lonesome without her when she was away to Chicago.

Mr. Allen[11] my cousin I didn’t see him but half a day. They came Monday night at ______ oclock & he went away the next afternoon. He got a nice carriage in the forenoon & took us all around the city. I think he & Edna[12] make a very good couple. They both think a great deal of themselves.

I have had one letter from Uncle D.C.[13] since they got home they were all well when he wrote. As to the pictures the neg have been taken to Chicago but we are going to send for some as soon as we can get the artist address.

How is Jim[14]? Is he at home now? Are you going to stay at home this winter?

Now don’t so long before writing again & make up your mind to come & see us as soon as possible. Yes Mr ____ knew me too well I guess. Love to all the folks. Write soon.

Your Cousin


[1] Nancy (Keith) Brown

[2] Louese Keith, Nancy’s sister

[3] Presumed to be Hiram and Katherine Crawford

[4] Louisa (McCann) Crawford

[5] It is possible that Louisa was suffering from diabetes

[6] Robert Crawford

[7] William Crawford, Edna’s brother

[8] Edna’s younger sister, Katherine Crawford

[9] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts. She has apparently left Wisconsin and moved to Michigan to live with her daughter, Sarah

[10] Hannah Keith, Nancy’s sister

[11] Oscar Allen Jr., the husband of Edna Alice Crawford

[12] Edna Alice (Crawford) Allen, Edwin and Mary Crawford’s daughter

[13] David Caleb (D.C.) Crawford

[14] James Keith, Nancy’s brother

[15] Edna Crawford, Robert and Louisa’s daughter


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